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RT @ivaderlll: เห็นอิพวกที่ด่าห้างว่าจัดที่จอด Supercar เป็นการแบ่งชนชั้นแล้วตลก คือมึงจะ Woke ก็ดูนิด ลองไปสะกิด Supercar สักแผล…
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oh, yeah, notice, they have "neo-Nazi, racist, homophobic and transphobic content" as hate speech but from what I s…
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RT @mcspocky: In case you are wondering why MAGAs are falling over, they're boycotting air! The sky is WOKE!
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RT @EndWokeness: Project Woke To Broke: 10 corporations to boycott right now (will explain below) If we make a good example out of…
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@GeorgeTakei Leave it to the Far Right to steal shit that doesn't belong to them: Woke is an adjective derived from…
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RT @geertwilderspvv: Nederland is Kaagland geworden. Een land vol asielprofiteurs, woke-gestoorden, klimaatgekkies, arabieren, non-bin…
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RT @DineshDSouza: The Muslims seem to have figured out how to stop woke corporate propaganda. They don’t need to boycott. The compani…
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RT @qtpiebyunbaek: 230529 BAEKHYUN BUB Baekhyun: Firstly, I'm gonna order food at maybe 11.30am-ish! I just woke up so I don't have m…
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RT @missladysalad: All Colors Are Beautiful. The nypd has gone WOKE! We have to boycott them. Everyone has to boycott them now!!!!
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Alright, just woke up, time for one final push to get this video done.
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fossil fuels are woke
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RT @azthesilly: I woke up and opened twitter and all I fucking saw was sthis what the fuck happened wgen I went to bef
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RT @GeorgeTakei: There isn't a single original thought in her head.
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RT @ReneeAlida: So now MAGA can't drink Bud Light, watch Fox News or eat Chik- fil-A? If NASCAR gets woke, it's all over for them. Let's Go NASCAR! 😂
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RT @the_salty_one_: Woke tossers Tory Whanau & Nikau, Poneke doesn't mean Wellington. It's the maori translation for Port Nicholson. Na…
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RT @liz_churchill10: “WOKE is Marxism…and if you don’t understand that…it will conquer all of your Countries…the goal is to make us ‘Glo…
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RT @CDCarter13: eating my chicken sandwich hoping to god it wasn’t woke when it was alive
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RT @Captain_Subpar: From day one, the message of #PowerRangers was diversity. In an era where most heroes on TV were white, PR made it…
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