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RT @DavoPryor: This was one of a small number of TV shows deemed wholesome enough for my evangelical Christian family to let the k…
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RT @JUNlPER: cartoons today: we will have bisexual representation and trans representation in this wholesome love story cartoo…
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@BET @GloTheofficial this is so cool, seeing people thrive is the most wholesome thing ever :’)
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RT @soompi: 9 Wholesome K-Pop Songs That Parents Can Also Appreciate
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RT @iQIYI: So wholesome 🥺 Catch #ChenZheyuan, #ShenYue, #LuoMingJie and #DongXuan in #MrBad, new episodes every Fri to Sun a…
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RT @iQIYIMalaysia: So wholesome 🥺 Min pun nak jugak camni Catch #ChenZheyuan, #ShenYue, #LuoMingJie and #DongXuan in #MrBad, new epi…
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RT @Yuyucow: It's also pretty wholesome to see many artists who began as YamaSusu fans getting their chance to work on the serie…
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I AM CRYIMG AGAIN 🥲, their friendship is the most wholesome weird thing I’ve ever seen but love
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Anyway, cast me for your wholesome baking competition show. Or don't, since I don't fall neatly into any one arche…
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Name something more wholesome than this I'll wait
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@Idolomantises Dude they’re bugs and it’s wholesome, who could hate this?!
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I don't know if I can go back to watching wholesome chungus G Gundam now....
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Gorgeous beyond imagination, they are so lovely. Using NFTs to immortalize those who have passed while giving back…
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RT @nikolai_073: día #4 del Inktober una Luna Claus, con cositas para los Lomitos Quería hacer algo wholesome pero de alguna manera…
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RT @rize0t7addict: I can't wait to see Jin's face when he gets up on stage to receive the award he's gonna be so happy and surprised a…
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@UltimaShadowX I thought this was a wholesome colorful kids game
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@YuPizzaSheet @LadyLiltalen A kind heart, and a good soul. She has a very welcoming channel, that definitely makes…
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RT @TacoAmigo777: the more dream posts pictures & videos of the dteam, the more i realize the face reveal was the best thing that’s e…
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And this is just the wholesome version 😂
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