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@Logic301 Congrats! Thanks for everything you have given us fans, we love you! Hope you're doing well!⭐🔥
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We are delighted to be sharing this fantastic, true #MondayMotivation, news about Wado Kai Central #Karate. A massi…
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There are abusers out there, there are also genuine good people as well. If you throw them in the same basket this…
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Congrats, @TheLaineHardy !!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘 well deserved! Success is sweeter the second time around. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 cheers! #AmericanIdolFinale
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@Kuyashll Well... to be fair... yeah LotR is still by far way better than Game of Thrones to me, and the extended u…
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How Democrats can win the abortion war: Talk about Roe's restrictions as well as rights - USA TODAY
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@jennineak Well sure but Shorten would have had to make thrdsme decision and it wouldn't have been viewed as out of touch
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@giselleezee Yeah well she’s almost going to sleep already
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@Vicky_100K4MNDA @movemoresheff @SYMNDA @Great_Run Well done Vicky, thank you so much for putting in the time and e…
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RT @psychojography: Well appointed accommodation with ‘distressed ‘ finish over two floors in highly sought after location. #estuary
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Well, that stinks
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@SteveMcRae_ He kept equivocating one to invalidate the other thinking they were both basically interchangeable. Ne…
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@AbhiQeep get well soon.
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RT @beemji: Thozhar @Dir_Rajumurugan vazthugal💐💐💐 This #GYPSY is an important voice. Audio & trailer looks great.Waiting to wat…
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RT @Joey_MakG: #WhatIDidWithMyFirstSalary I sprinkled it with salt coz I love my peanuts well seasoned. 😊😭
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@CapitalOfficial I think it is really wrong of him. Nothing wrong with being a painter but he is daft saying this.…
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RT @rickihazel: Me going back to waiting for Winds of Winter for the real story knowing damn well George is never gonna release it…
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@RacingInsider @HugeBowman Well deserved. Congratulations
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RT @wrongindogov: soekarno: it's a white flag, amir, and you may as well start waving it amir: THE ONLY THING I WILL BE WAVING IS YOU…
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RT @creo_time: Congratulations to @KilmarnockFC - fantastic result today and we decided to focus on two important guys who have gi…
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