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RT @EmilyPMcBride: Looking for a talented individual to complete an exciting, fully-funded PhD with me and @WhitneyJScott 📚…
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I've seen kids with childhood obesity who constantly have joint pains because the knees can't support their weight…
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How did I lose this weight the first time😩🥴🥴 im am not feeling these eating habits I have to re adapt to 😩
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RT @AZRILROZALI: Tips turun berat 2-4kg bulan puasa: 1. Kurangkn food berminyak,tggi garam,tggi gula 2. Minum air putih 2L/day 3. H…
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Causally bench pressed several sets of my body weight today 💪🏾🔥🔥
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The weight of the world's on my shoulders; like atlas is crushing me down.
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RT @pnkfridayvbz: is losing weight just not possible anymore orrrrrrr is that only unbelievable when it comes to nicki? 😐
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RT @ProfTomkins: With the entire weight of the SNP leadership and party machine behind him he could muster only 52%. #StrongMandate
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2023-03-27 21:14:41 👌😌👋💋🤨 Work weight worker glass civil pay hotel else. #性爱视频 #宿舍露出大赛 #性爱视频
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RT @jjkthvsoloera: The weight this whole sentence carries🔥🔥 "Now watch him move, V, the one and only" V FILM FOR ELLE CELINE BOY V…
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why did i eat the ramen? i probably gained weight - gloomy clock
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2023-03-27 21:14:37 Still weight political across man month candidate. 【正在营业中---】
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RT @_GreatnessTupu: Hapo kwa izo threads za ooh mara weight, nationality,Name, zodiac sijui nini Mbona hapo kwa Children mnaweka zero?…
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RT @dedoyinajayi: This is not anyone’s business: - Why you aren’t married yet, - When you’re having a baby, - Your weight gain (or l…
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Coach @Coachbook1 Got The Weight Room Jumping This Morning 😤‼️
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RT @Mr_Alexius: Honestly… I’ve never seen a single man take a weight from another man in a gym… women hate women.
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RT @LizYoungStrat: Much of last year's equal-weight S&P 500 outperformance vs. the market-cap weighted S&P was wiped out this month. W…
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People really like to overcomplicate weight loss and general health.
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@flawI3ss you've probably plateaud so maybe do a metabolism day? Or maybe it's just food/water weight so wait it out
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RT @GENbio: Brain Cell Signaling Linked to Yo-Yo Effect of Dieting Study findings could help in the development of drugs that…
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