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First time I actually feel how much taxes hurt. Two weeks of work, $800 gone, ouch.
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This is it. ALL further attempts to contact me for the next 4 weeks WILL fail. I'll update after those 4 weeks. I promise.
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When hard work pays off 😊 @SenecaCollege graduation 2019!!! 🎓👩🏽‍🎓🙌🏽 I graduated 2 weeks after the @Raptors won the…
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RT @clairecmc: Own your position instead of trying to hide it. You want to end to all legal abortions in Mo. You expect scared 12…
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RT @BecomingCry: okay so im watching the lizzie mcguire movie and she is graduating MIDDLE SCHOOL???? going to Rome for two weeks???…
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RT @yoyotrav: The nitpicking at Megan Thee Stallion these past few weeks has reminded me that a lot of you are naturally haters.
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we literally have prom in a weeks time but go off abt ur high pain tolerance leah
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been a long 2 weeks n this week not even over
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RT @RichTettemer: Man accused of killing bikers flipped 18-wheeler in Texas weeks ago. Police also reported finding a crack pipe in V…
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RT @OAmollo: I said 2 Weeks Ago & I Repeat; Kenya Has No Space For Xenophobia! Not Just Because It’s in our best interests, BUT…
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RT @Viking_Sec: We need to stop promoting unhealthy lifestyle (sleeplessness, caffeine addiction/dependency, lack of work-life bala…
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DOUBLE DIPA RELEASE! Over the past 2 weeks ya'll literally ran us out of every IPA we had. These 2 are on tap now a…
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It is a little over three weeks until we are back at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground. Special Offer vouchers are ava…
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RT @ghostissa7: GIVEAWAY!!! im giving away a ducky keyboard and a controller of ur choice! (2 winners) to enter: -follow me…
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29 weeks today & baby girl is the size of a Hawaiian pineapple 🍍 😍
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@MikeyCobban i’ve been unwell for 3 weeks
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RT @sanaskeeper: Does anyone else go into a phase where the cut everyone off for weeks then come back like nothing happened?
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@galgitron awesome work. nice to see the "larger payments" rising over the last few weeks as well :)
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RT @brashstrike: @Lawrence Glad you think so, Lawrence! Beto O'Rourke unveiled his three weeks ago!
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@askmenfess Sayang kamu lupa ih aku yg gerbong to the past two weeks and then the other hand I am a very happy with…
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