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RT @CaucasianJames: alright mom i cleaned my room now can i please black out with the boys this weekend
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For everyone traveling to #SPNDallas, have a safe trip and have a great weekend!!! And give @RobBenedict some extra love for me!! 💕
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RT @MarissaLingen: So I found out this weekend that not everyone in Minnesota uses "you shame Prince" or "Prince would be ashamed of y…
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RT @MrLong26: Hey all, After experiencing a cluster of seizures over the weekend. It appears my tumor may have grown back and ano…
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RT @CaucasianJames: alright mom i cleaned my room now can i please black out with the boys this weekend
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@HorrisHill @gordonstoun What a fabulous weekend- thanks to all involved!
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RT @77MCU: 🚨ANNOUNCEMENT🚨 #AvengersEndgame is getting re-released with bonus scenes next weekend (June 28). The runtime for…
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Rabbitohs on Twitter: There's been a change of time, venue and date for our Jersey Flegg match this weekend! 🐇❤💚 De…
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RT @stargatecommand: Stargate Command is getting ready for a weekend of fun, fans, gating and giveaways! The iris opens in less than 48…
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RT @MCU_Direct: The theatrical re-release of #AvengersEndgame next weekend will reportedly include 7 minutes of bonus content and a…
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RT @JCisnerosTX: Alright, so here’s the Cambio para TX28 playlist as promised! ✊🏾🎶 Perfect timing—we’re hitting the road on Friday.…
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I’m getting drunk next weekend just to celebrate my last week of the semester. Ya girl been stresssed lol.
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RT @FYCeSports: IKONIK SKIN GIVEAWAY! Winner will be chosen in 2 weeks on Twitter (Weekend of June 30th) To be eligible you must:…
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J’en arrive à barrer sur une feuille le nombre de réveils qui me séparent du weekend...
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RT @ChaseHendrix_: I say how much I hate blow and my friends have the audacity to ask me why I’ve had more nose bleeds this weekend th…
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RT @SVC_official: #Maharshi has the highest occupancy in National Multiplexes in 6th weekend too & Racing towards 50 Days ⚡️…
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@itsangelaine Weekend nasad mami. Samaaaaaan? 😂
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@BrowntoBure - company provides anonymous assistance for pretty much anything that could cause stress…
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RT @louiecasttro: I’ve been looking hella fodonga these past few days Pero bitch just wait till the weekend
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I didn’t send one drunk text this weekend. I’m pretty freaking proud of myself 😂
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