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RT @PhattiLabelle: If you think I'm throwing my 32 fl oz jar of Eco Styler gel away, you done lost your damn mind. Me next week:
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RT @bsved_tee: So it was old people day for our senior week and this boy was acting a fool 😂😂😂
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2 new unfollowers and 5 new followers (hello! hello!) in the last week. Via
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RT @jimshi809: Gucci has confirmed creative director Alessandro Michele will stage a one-off Spring 2019 showing this fall, on Sep…
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@Angelvallegarc4 Hey Dakota!! We hope to see you soon, our new show starts in about a week and a half!
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if i can do it the whole week you can do it for a day come on #ARMYSTREAMINGFESTA
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RT @cmclymer: Not pointing fingers, but it says a hell of a lot that women who lost elections this week have been leading the way…
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RT @radiodisney: This week's #MusicMailbag song is #FakeLove by #RDMA nominee #BTS! Pick It or Kick It at!…
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RT @emilyderks: working full time during the week and part time on the weekends is really putting an end to my dream of being tanned
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RT @Giants: Highlights from Week 1 of OTAs! 🔥
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RT @ZacariasM: UPDATE ON #NoCopAcademy vote tomorrow!!! attorneys have filed a temp restraining order to stop tomorrow's vote due…
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RT @TheJose8A: I remember reading comments about how BTS isn’t popular in Korea. Like girl, they just sold 1 million albums in a w…
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RT @KSicRemastered: I've puked more in the past week then I have in my entire damn life, LOL. Feel good enough to stream tonight though…
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Number crunching for the past week - 1 new unfollower. Stats via
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RT @sarahabrahamm: when u and ur ex break up and a week later they get w the girl you were worried about the whole relationship
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RT @levijamestweets: Ladies picture this: you're driving to dinner at your in-laws with your husband and two kids singing sweet child of…
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RT @soompi: #BTS Breaks Record With 1 Million Albums Sold In 1st Week
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A good article to pair with the phages article I posted last week
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RT @SuperStarBTStwt: [This Week's #SuperStar_BTS Update News!] Listen up! #BTS official 3rd album! LOVE YOUR SELF 轉 'Tear' theme updated…
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