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This week's Fleet Manager of the Week prize is an Amazon Fire 7 table sponsored by Activa. Remind your fleet to dri…
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@YrsaSig Yes I bought 46 pairs of trainers on Amazon once (I put my shoe size in the quantity box) so it is indeed…
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RT @talyajade1: college has me so stressed out, i still think i have assignments due & the semester has been over for a week.
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RT @AdamSchefter: New Browns’ RB Kareem Hunt is being baptized today in Cleveland. “I’m looking forward to it so I can feel reborn,”…
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The dog days of captivity are ruff. But once a week, he recieves a call from the outside. . . . #dogsofinstagram…
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@mrs_jnash Already voted last week! There is no excuse! 🙌🏻
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I've litterally been having the CRAZIEST dreams the last week or two. If dreams are supposed to tell you something, my future is scary😬
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This is literally my Favorite KFC meal. I probably have it 5 times a week 😩 it’s so addictive and affordable
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Also my window has been open for almost a week now and I’ve yet to be able to close it. SOS.
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Pleegzus nu al een week in het ziekenhuis met gevaarlijk laag hb. Ze kunnen de oorzaak niet vinden en dus is het zo…
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@sarahdessen I’ve had their song ‘NOT READY TO MAKE NICE’ stuck in my head this week. Nice song selection. 🎶
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finally finished assignments/work 4 da week...not saying watever i just shat out is even at decent quality but at least im FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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RT @schalk_lill: We had some new joiners and another great day for the 2nd week of the #GiveItATry sessions at @VRFCLadiesRugby. If…
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@ALFokemon after finals week, may 2 sems pa tayo HDHASHD
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RT @riotwomennn: Today: This Week: Tulsi Gabbard, Seth Moulton; John Hickenlooper, ABC, 10 a.m. Face the Nation: Acting Homeland…
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RT @KitengeStore: Join the #FashionRevolution & learn how you can combat throwaway #FastFashion in our latest blog article
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@DavidKhoury7 @theage Not looking good for Andrews.........gambled much of Victoria away like labor's Kirner / Cain…
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RT @MAMBABYUK: Happy National Smile Month! For this week’s #mamsoothersunday FOLLOW, LIKE&RT to #WIN a pack of MAM Air 12+. 2 luck…
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RT @rudebwoyc0: Me: “I’m really feeling this dude. He might make it somewhere.” Me a week later:
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RT @ennolenze: Gerade ein paar Regenbogen-Flaggen bestellt. Zur Gay-Pride week hänge ich die dann an meinen (ex-Nazi) Bunker. Ich…
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