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RT @mydadisdracula: Today a random dad told me about his two artist sons, prompted by the Dan Deacon shirt I was wearing. (One of this…
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RT @saintdoII: lauren lim wearing the full tattoo top from datt with ‘born this way’ lyrics embroidered
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RT @TBInvestigation: An Endangered Child Alert has been issued for 8y/o Jcyon Rogerson on behalf of Maryville PD. Jycon is 4’, 72 lbs,…
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@GuntherEagleman If I'm wearing clothes, I'm wearing a gun.
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RT @Milliganreports: “Men are like dogs and if you put the food in front of them, they have to eat it.” Wearing a short skirt is like “l…
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@Outkick He's probably wearing a headset and someone on the coaching staff cracked a joke. My two cents.
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RT @VPrasadMDMPH: OMG. @KathyHochul won't rehire unvaccinated workers b/c she thinks vax means you can't spread virus. That's wrong…
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RT @lyncey_gilbe: Hey @AshleyBanjo when can we look forward to seeing the dance routine depicting the brutal murder of Tyre Nichols b…
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@ARSIVANOVA @khamenei_ir Come to Pakistan their is no force on wearing hijab. You will see what is the real problem…
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Am I the only blind person that saves all their old pair of glasses “just in case”? I'm currently wearing glasses f…
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@Pam07710299 @CFBONFOX @OU_Football @AlabamaFTBL @RJ_Young Watch his press conferences.. he's wearing Alabama gear.…
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@yjeanwrites Me and my boyfriend. He's Sicilian and I'm half African American and half Mozambican. He's wearing sil…
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RT @justbrown__: Thread of celebrities wearing similar/the same outfit 7. Rihanna & Gunna
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Thinking about buying Biomedics 55 Premier 6 Pack? Read the latest review by Gracie. via @yotpo
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RT @orobou: Irys wearing Bae's outfit #IRySart
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RT @robynbryant33: It’s only a few short weeks since we were asked to forgive Perrottet’s wearing of a Nazi uniform. Now we hear that…
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RT @OfficerLamptey: Ladies who don’t like wearing pants are beautiful 🤩 🫣
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@SoozUK I liked that they and others were wearing pasties. It felt liberating to me. There are so many places where…
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RT @JennaEllisEsq: Christ cannot be silenced!
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driving that man crazy got him wearing grippy socks
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