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RT @ELIOLIart: Water 🌙 world lol
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The #ONECAROLINA DM Team had a great week and Anglers Derby Team Builder with @JoshDavisGP! @AlonsoMoore had a…
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RT @santo_aol: Russian lawmakers in hot water for urging Putin to end Ukraine conflict in rare public show of dissent
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the water filled my lungs i screamed so loud but no one heard a thing
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Does anyone know if water can get thru the drainage holes of the Nike ACG Zoom Air AOs?
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RT @DerrickNAACP: .@POTUS, canceling $10,000 in student loan debt is like pouring a bucket of ice water on a forest fire. Here’s why (a thread):
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Hooray!!!! Another weekend is already here! Enjoy your time on the water making memories that last!…
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RT @manifinessed_: Bitches be at a nigga crib all day starving surviving off weed and sink water😭 hoe go home ☠️
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RT @BeckettUnite: In Holland, water, electricity and gas networks are all publicly owned - and it's illegal to privatise any of them.…
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RT @tolubeats: I was just casually drinking my water after my workout today. Then I deeped it. I didn’t even come in with water……
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Best Water Heater Rental Program - DeMark Home Ontario
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Confession Friday night.👇 Me: I threw ma elder sis's phone in water bcz she used to make noise for us ...☠️
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RT @_Phiwoo: Peeing and not having to flush bc your pee the same colour as the water >>>>>>
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Let's have a good day. Grab some water and join the stream
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i can’t handle salty water— the only person who can wipe his tears away is you, chiaki, because you’re the one who…
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RT @LovesPetals: 100 ways 2use Kangen clean filtered alkalinized micro clustered Water! Many ph levels. Some for detoxing vegts wa…
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@leo_alves1997 51 cachaça makes me drunk a little. I was looking for coconut water, but they didn't sell it😞🥥
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RT @MercyForAnimals: Birds killed for meat are shackled upside down by their legs, painfully shocked, slashed at the throat, and defeath…
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