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RT @LTGfootball: Chelsea FC baller Charly Musonda working on his individual skills at Cobham. Practicing when nobody is watching is…
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RT @ttomholIand: me: i’m not watching endgame again kevin feige: endgame will be re-released with additional scenes me:
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RT @seungjin_pics: Hyunjin and Seungmin cuddling while watching their fight scene ❤️
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@aldermoth Watching this arc right now as I work 😤
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just finished watching @WhenTheySeeUs and honestly that was HEARTBREAKING to get through..
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RT @AjnaPapi: If you see this please RETWEET never know who's watching. Please check out my youtube. I create content to raise…
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RT @HillaryClinton: @AndrewGillum @realDonaldTrump I can handle it. Blessed with stamina. And thankfully I didn’t stay up late last night watching InfoWars...
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RT @fatherjstn: The sun watching me go to the pool without sunscreen
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i haven’t tweeted all day bc i’ve been watching pdx101 anyway my pick is wooseok
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RT @ovaiss_k: watching scary movies with friends just turns into a comedy fest
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i always put off watching a show long enough for a shitty season to air to validate my indecision. you’ll catch me…
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me: gotta do the motlet before meeting dhiya at noon also me: watching boba reviews on youtube
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Actually that's always a good idea. We're watching Aaron and Jody's cat for a few days so we have them and Nora running's def...
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RT @bfraser747: I was watching some #FakeNewsCNN to see how they were responding to the #TrumpRallyOrlando . They are very worried…
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9. hardback or paperback — okay initially i liked hardcover books because i thought they were cooler but after watc…
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It’s 4am and I’ve been watching RuPaul for three hours now #vetnursenightlife
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RT @35mmGuitarRiff: if the vibes are off restore them by watching Shrek 2
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RT @marcformarc: I cannot stop watching this video of Emma Stone and Maya Rudolph singing call your girlfriend a capella
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RT @ilybusters: rt and i'll give you an mv to watch but after watching it quote with your thoughts on it
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@jamescharles I’m 25 and my baby girl is almost 5 and we love watching your videos ☺️😍
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