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RT @kayangrum: Just watched these two guys go OFF to “Work” by @rihanna on the train. It was magical. New York, please, never chan…
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RT @seokjingersnap: really confused why only the 2 million times ive personally watched this video are showing up? surely i would have…
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@Iemoneda You watched the post credits yeah
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@dontwannapink wait its about eating disorders? i havent watched it yet
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@SarahKBOI @garthbrooks I just watched the interview & he also told you he loved you. 😩
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Watched #Apollo11 last night. Could not tear my eyes from the set. Intense. Mesmerizing.
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RT @Fyropyro: Just watched A Silent Voice for the first time 2 days ago. As someone who has been a bully, been bullied, and ultim…
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RT @rubes_blake: Actually hate being home alone, always think I’m being watched😂😂😂😂😂
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@davidthewhiter1 Best of luck Dave. Watched nearly everyone of your fights, and tomorrow no different! Do a job on him lad. 😎
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I'm actually really excited to watch Cats when it comes out in December, the trailer looks amazing and I know the s…
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I get mad when I watched all the good shows on Netflix cause what ima watch now😂
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RT @DazzyLindsey: I never watched OK KO! Let's Be Hereos. But now, I'm curious. 👀💙
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@bcfckian I haven’t watched since ovie and amber date isit worth watching without him being there
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@PhilTaylor98 @JovaisG @Hawk looks like he did one of these 🤜🏼🤛🏼 cus most of his punches had that same sound id hav…
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O M G. Just watched #BohemianRhapsody Laughed and cried like a baby. It was magical. @RamiMalek was fantastic!…
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RT @VeganOlive1: I watched #RemarkablePlacesToEat with @AngelaHartnett & @fredsirieix1 on BBC2 last night visiting the renowned…
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RT @yoomincloud: Ngl I need to win the giveaway I JUST WATCHED SOME CONCERT VIDEOS AND I'M SO SAD BECAUSE I MY MISS BABIES also in A…
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Yup, hust watched the 98’ trailer and nothing is clicking. What is this ABOUT
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ROTI THIS IS SO CUTE 😭😭😭 for someone whos watched u run after ur crush in sekolah rendah i aM EMOTIONAL
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RT @Brock_JP: With the new release of #SuddenSky, I figured I would show off my collection over the past ~8 years. These aren't a…
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