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RT @KamalaHarris: This #PrideMonth, let’s not forget that Trump turned his back on transgender servicemembers who wanted to serve our…
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RT @SooChoiFolder: ARMY:Show the moon Jimin:It’s over there but it’s covered with clouds ☁️ sorry.. I will show later.. wait! It’s c…
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RT @MuvaMack: One thing I ain’t never do, or will do: is force a man to do anything .. because 10 times outta 10, MEN DO WHAT THE…
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@Bob_deegar That's about the same age my daughter, when asked what movie she wanted to watch, started asking for on…
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RT @NicolDavid: 1st Asian Games Gold in 1998 Pattaya. This is when I knew I wanted more with squash. 🥇🏆🤩 #15yearsold
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RT @SpoiledJock: "She wanted me. Me. She was practically begging me to fuck her." - 18+ Only - Mirrored Literacy - DM To Plot - Cro…
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@KHOU Thank god know one wanted your ass here
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@gavelar Just what I wanted to see !!..... payback will be hell!!! BJ... #ShoveTheBricks
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@dj_RTistic People hated them before that. No one outside of Cali wanted them to beat tee Cavs in ‘16, and when the…
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@_peyane 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ouuuu bitch. But i was comin last night but you wanted to be mawmaw pop
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The sad thing is I know I’m alone in this world because I know I’m parents never wanted me
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@russdiemon metro wanted clout & you dropped a bomb on him 🔥🔊
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RT @boogiecousins: Helluva year! Grateful for every moment. Love to my brothers! We overcame a lot of bs this year and fought to the v…
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@Freeyourmindkid 1. Nursing or Accounting 2. Software Engineer 3. Fine but completely confused about what I actuall…
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i wanted to play fort today but i need to study, so i met myself in the middle and did neither
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@trnrtips It amazes me that you have fans the way you treat them. All I wanted out of gofest was to meet you. And l…
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Got up early this morning and took myself back into a commercial kitchen for the first time in years.. then up the…
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people’s expectations makes me laguh. I mean do u think you can come and take what you exactly wanted easily!? without a price?!
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@acfsthbrislogan I just wanted to make sure those biomass figures I mentioned today were right (and they were): liv…
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RT @fluffyguy: As an #AllThat alumni I just wanted to wish this new cast & crew all the best. This show helped launch the careers…
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