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RT @tattedpoc: Jimin’s voice is so addicting to listen to. Everytime I listen to Paradise I gotta praise his verse
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フリーウェイでは、タレント側のリスクをなるべく抑えるため、「登録制」というシステムを採用しています。制限にとらわれない芸能活動ができます  #オーディション #デビュー
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RT @KingImpulse: Ronda Rousey is doing the voice acting for Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat, which means if you lose two fights you can…
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RT @wangjanyeong: I love the song so much!!! Jb really has such a wonderful voice!! I could listen to this all day!…
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RT @aigemac: Justification to fire Babcock 1. Continues to play Zaitsev. 2. Sits Andersen after already having 3 weeks off.…
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RT @rockne10: @captsparrow2016 @witzo @realDonaldTrump @JimInhofe Wrong little sparrow. Dems voted multiple times to open the gov…
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RT @alezander: Her: *raising her voice* Him: relax Her:
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RT @rockybalboahp: Things that we should fear. 1. How strong we can be. 2. The power we truly have within us. 3. How resonating our vo…
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RT @elpardack: I'm taking advantage of the super deep voice this cold's given me before it goes away, the best way i know how
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RT @kiahlanae1: Lauren jauregui is definitely my favorite female vocalist her voice is just so🤤
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RT @HannahMeloche: nobody can talk to a dog in a normal voice and if you can i’m concerned for you
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RT @theweeknd: since the beginning of our creative journey @Twitter has always been a platform that allowed us to express ourselve…
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RT @khalidbshah: REJECTED: This article was rejected by two prominent (liberal) newspapers NOW, let us show the editors of the tw…
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Rise u women that R at ease hear MY voice U over-confident daughters 4 the fruit gathering shall NOT come (Is 32:9-15)
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@kenneDEEZ_Nuts His voice. I know he would say some corny shit to turn me off.
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Download FREE Voicemod: the best Voice Changer & Soundboard for #Gaming and #Streaming 🤪🎮📣🎛️: Troll Like a PRO! ->…
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RT @andersonDrLJA: Thank You Gladys Knight!!!! America Salutes You! #GladysKnight says she's here to 'give the #NationalAnthem back i…
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RT @sevynseas: rogers voice has never sounded more beautiful than his verse in doing alright
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RT @pocketboyfriend: [inside very clean cafe] me: hi can i get the strawberry smoothe voice of ira glass in my head that narrates my e…
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@onemoredayplz the lead singer is gay and beautiful as sin. He has a great voice.
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