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also i’m laughing at this GPS voice. it’s like “turn riiiiiiight and then! turn riiiiiight” 😂
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(菊岡)Jr.メンバーとお笑いコンビを組むなら →淳太「頭がいいから、何でもつっこんでくれそう。コンビ名は、ボンボンとボン人」
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@HeadGraphix Her voice is like that cuh, she choked her clone when she was a little girl and switched.
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RT @wenrisus: “I am going to sing until I’m old and until my voice doesn’t come out anymore. All you have to do is stay by my sid…
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It was amazing , like it's taeyeon,y'all already know the drill go stan this vocal queen and after listening to fou…
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@DavidWohl In a Morgan Freeman voice. "Jacob never tweeted after that, his bum read raw. And he never visited the s…
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RT @kamlesm: there were so many golden voice that #WeThePeopleOfIndia loved over the years, and still remember #suraiya…
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@InspiredbyAljon @curlybrad29 Totoooooooo? @msKarinaB’s voice Hahaha kelan? Saan? Paano? Haha #KEEPERSGivesBack
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RT @418Effects: #TVXQ #SUJU #LAVATOUR #MERAPI Note: that's not my voice in the video. I was quiet and too focus on their faces😂
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RT @SuperEliteTexan: Witness the result of liberal brainwashing in today's collages. This is not a belief or liberal standards. This is…
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@Gamerking__lp Ahck!!! Sorry!! Could you check out this article here since it's a lot to smash into one tweet?…
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RT @regalchim: he heard tae's voice for 2 seconds and was ready to risk it all no homo tho oof kim taehyung's power
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tae, nadelete ko yung voice record ng sagot nina ate jovelle :<
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RT @ImJustToinee: The PV Voice contestants stand with Antoine Hill for Mister Prairie View A&M University Don’t forget to come see…
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RT @ElectionsAB: Don't take your vote for granted. 📣 Make your voice heard in Alberta's General Election on April 16. Can't wait? A…
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Omg Maddie lindemann is here n her voice is so good
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RT @RadioPakistan: #PakistanDay: Voice of Public Representatives .....#PakistanZindabad #23rdMarch #ResolutionDay #پاکستان_زندہ_باد…
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RT @MBananabels: This is why Blackpink needs JenChuliChaeng, BLACKPINK doesnt need YG. They are the ACE, Voice, Rap, Dance and Visua…
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RT @taegape_: yall ever think about how joon calls himself namu which means tree in korean and he adores nature or how cheongug m…
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Voice over work by @QualkTalk & amazing video editing skills by @MegBarnes3 🔥🔥🔥
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