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RT @SCHZTER: No puedo dejar de ver S-CLASS, el MV es increíblemente visual. Los efectos especiales, las voces, el cambio de los…
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RT @animetv_jp: 【New Key Visual】 Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Scheduled for July 1! The anime is listed for 13 episodes! ✨More:…
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LIVE Groove Visual burst 2023-06-03 13:17 現在のイベントptボーダーです。 終了日: 2023-06-08 20:59:59+09:00 詳細はサイトで確認できます。…
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RT @springsteen: 45 years ago today, Bruce Springsteen returned with the highly-anticipated release of his timeless-classic fourth s…
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190623 #JIN #석진 #ジン BTS 5th Muster magic shop in Seoul Close up face visual beautiful Kim Seokjin focus purple hai…
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The Governor attended ‘Unite’ – Celebrating 40 Years of Access Arts, presenting a Certificate of Patronage and comm…
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this why I love animation btw. u not gettin this level of visual storytelling in any other medium
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RT @kyeomdaily: SEOKSOON 🥹 ⚔️ my lady 🐯my lady ☺️ ⚔️ let us do visual check ⚔️ not bad 🐯 it’s bad ⚔️ 😅😅😅 ⚔️ it’s not bad ⚔️*loo…
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RT @jinniesarchives: seokjin's stunning vocals and visual #BangBangCon2023
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RT @Eexodo_love: UPICK GIVEAWAY - {VISUAL} - 300 💙 - like and rt -follow @Eexodo_love #KIMTAERAE #NI_KI #SUNGHANBIN #JUNGKOOK #ZEROBASE1 #ENHYPEN #BTS
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RT @gyuvinkimz: Confirmed from ZB1 member, gyuvin is really THE ZB1 MAIN VISUAL
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RT @jwlbum: 🎯 Woongdeongies who are currently voting for Jiwoong on upick for Best Idol #VISUAL or you would like to vote for h…
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Inicia la semana con un divertido acertijo visual 🧠
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RT @myanimelist: News: Horimiya: Piece (Horimiya: The Missing Pieces) reveals key visual, main promo, theme songs, July 1 debut; cas…
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RT @jkkpouts: identidade visual é ver eles pegando essas jaquetas e esses óculos e já saber que eles vão performar spine breaker
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RT @CBNation_twt: Melanie Martinez says other than “VOID” her second favorite song from the new album is “THE CONTORTIONIST” and how…
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RT @DanielVzqzz: As an art historian, the visual queues throughout The Little Mermaid (2023) signal to it taking place in 1513 Barbados.
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im trying to think of funny ways to make more funny scenarios with Yohane and i might try more with this visual nov…
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RT @KyeomsBaekery: Just a compilation of dokyeom talking in king’s tone bcs he deserves to be in a historical drama ⚔️: You’re here.…
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RT @jinniesarchives: seokjin's stunning vocals and visual #BangBangCon2023
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