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@katalva3 this! Watch "Visibly Dejected Kellyanne Conway Melts Down On Reporter" on YouTube
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@Drew4484 there's death from old age but nobody *visibly* gets any older, which is weird, because every now and the…
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@navychick1993 @DBTayor @BabblingIdjit I’m glad she’s out there visibly fighting against them. I pray she stays saf…
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Trump attempts to disavow "send her back" chant he visibly enjoyed during rally via @MotherJones
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@_TrippyHippiie I kinda think it's funny when someone makes it a point to tell me they're sober when I'm visibly fu…
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RT @iinfinityland: @intrakarma *crawls out of the corner visibly sweating* bleached hair fair skin makes the ladies swoon
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@intrakarma *crawls out of the corner visibly sweating* bleached hair fair skin makes the ladies swoon
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my self-esteem is going through it rn, even though my skin is clearing and i’m visibly losing weight. i can’t stop…
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I released the mask and there he was. Turns out he was looking for me the entire time while I thought I was looking…
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@ofCannibxlism ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤWalking aound alone in the dark probably wasn't Liam's best idea. However, he knew damn well ho…
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RT @MotherJones: Donald Trump says he tried to stop his supporters from chanting “send her back” last night. He's lying.
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@lincolnablades It'll be dangerous for all of us before then I think. I think there's shooting and bombing coming i…
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Me: I’m home Charles! Don’t worry I wasn’t kidnpapped Charles visibly disappointed: well damn
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@gimleteyeLA @JamesrossrJames @Spitfirehill To be accurate, I think the second picture should be visibly worse...
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i'm so stressed cause they're not gonna let ateez breathe for months why can't they see they're visibly SO TIRED al…
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RT @MotherJones: Videos of the rally show Trump nearly basking in the crowd’s chants and listening to it for more than 10 seconds be…
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Friend: Hey *beep* how’s that other girl doing? Guy: *visibly flustered* you mean Emma? Friend: no! Guy and girl:…
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RT @angrycomics: for $100 you too can be visibly messed up by me, angrycomics
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RT @_SJPeace_: House Dems warn Omar in 'imminent danger' after Trump rally chants I fear for her life. I fear for the safety of…
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RT @nidaaro: Muslims: *see visibly queer people minding their business*
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