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RT @RepMTG: Wonderful news. We should always preserve our history.
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@penguinusa The People That Could Fly By Virginia Hamilton
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RT @Gabby_Hoffman: Very Va.-themed @DConservPodcast today! I'm joined by houndsman Andrew Pullen to discuss @PacificLegal's lawsuit vs…
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A neném da Virgínia é muito linda 😩
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RT @washingtonpost: Hung Cao — a Vietnamese refugee, Navy veteran and first-time candidate — surprised political insiders, considering…
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Kate Moss is set to testify! A source close to Depp, confirms to PEOPLE that the supermodel will speak to the court…
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Congratulations to Ashburn's own @DXCTechnology for securing its spot on the #Fortune1000 list! Each year, the list…
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RT @eframarcue: El tabaco es una planta antigua conocida y procesada por los guaraníes. Los agricultores lo sembraron siempre porqu…
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RT @1pcornwell: Heat lightning in Virginia… (Photo by my friend Becca)
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@alexjgoldstein Williamsburg, Virginia Beach/Outer Banks
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Já conhece a nossa edição da "Hécuba", de Eurípides? 🎭 Edição comentada & tradução direta do grego por Trupersa (T…
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RT @GRITS19511: 🤬 RT if you agree WeThePeople must demand Clarence Thomas’ immediate removal from the SCOTUS. There’s no way he did…
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A Virginia mother is in the hospital after she caught her step-daughter jumping out of the window of a house fire.
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RT @GarauSilvana: #Roma con #Gualtieri I cestini di #Virginia non gli piacevano, adesso si che sono stupendi con tutta la spazzatura…
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@BrantBeckmanwx ABSOLUTELY 110 here is nothin. 112 in Virginia in August? No. No no no no
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One obvious reason that Ruth Sent Us doesn't get a bunch of coverage is that it has a piddly amount of online suppo…
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We recorded our "Summer Blockbusters" episode last night, with special guest review of "Morbius" from…
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This would be great in West Virginia. Let ones who follow rules stand chance Maybe something @wvssac can consider.…
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