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RT @db_forever02: While viewing my friends ig story, i saw her mydayyy. Acckkkkkk, naiingit akooo. 😭😭
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I feel it’s beneficial to give certain films a second viewing as expectations can unfairly hamstring them.
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@Plush_bears This is just horrific viewing. To think he was being weighed for slaughter.
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RT @1500tasvir_en: 🧵⬇️ These radiographic images are from several injured people of Bloody Friday in Zahedan. An experts in this field…
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The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) is calling for a ‘gradual migration’ away from ‘TV households’ to ‘TV-acc…
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GM GM!! ☕ Very grateful for all of you as I cross over the 2k line!! 💪 I'll continue to just be my self, play / t…
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Anybody viewing the protests in Israel wonder why we're so placid in our country? Our very existence is at risk too.
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RT @KivoGreekFan: Looking forward to tomorrow's episode when the course of the story changes and we will probably have lots of trials…
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RT @DemagogueWatch: @mccaffreyr3 These people are well and truly alien to me. I cannot understand their way of thinking, responding to…
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Going back to uni in my late 20s and taking on a bunch of debt in exchange for even a very basic art education was…
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RT @blythlie: Viewing cars and apartments while I wait for my life changing email. I want to be ready when it comes.
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The little number on the side is how many people are viewing my tweets right?
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New price, a 3 bed property on Colne Orchard in Iver for £475,000 Call 01753 201931 to book a viewing or click her…
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RT @blythlie: Viewing cars and apartments while I wait for my life changing email. I want to be ready when it comes.
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@AACywink I've read them all and seen them, nothing is 100% perfect for adoptions and expecting that's silly Viewi…
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"Day-to-day Update"(Interior Design Website Template ) #uiuxdesign #uiux Viewing Victorflow's Project is Free of…
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🔥Theme announcement time🔥 I'm interested in the skipped version! Theme of 42nd(1 Apr) #シュラウド版ワンドロワンライ are ・Skipping…
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it’s something very weird about a nigga I don’t know constantly viewing my profile on a app
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RT @DragonsOfficial: 視聴者プレゼント🎁※抽選 明日10時まで 【注意】PIA LIVE STREAMで配信中 #カメ置23春_特別編 の動画のスクショ画像を載せているツイートが応募対象となります! 視聴はコチラから※本日23:59まで…
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