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RT @franklinleonard: "81% of upper-level white writers with NO prior management experience are contracted to showrun their development p…
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Looking forward to hitting legs more than upper body now
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#Bitcoin Last Price $29605 #BTC 🚀 Daily Indicators: -RSI: 39.3 -MA(20): 30605 -MA(50): 36291 -MA(200): 43684 -Bolli…
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@billzo_ What the f-?? Call the cops the audacity those ppl have. Florida has a lot of crime cases o do recommend g…
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@JonesHowdareyou The diminished upper certainly very much remains a downer 😜😷😱
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What makes the upper point worse was a lack of adequate training. My manager is brand new to this entire department…
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Learn how to win the war of words and gain the upper hand when fighting the good fight of faith. #spiritual…
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@Politiolog That one on the upper right looks just like the movie poster for Fire in the Sky.
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So it was indeed really been going on for quite a long long while now. Sad truth that the dark powers have been get…
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RT @RadioGuyChris: Republicans are always playing defense on school shootings. Fuck that. Dems are always playing offense and it’s f…
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文字数:12 大文字(upper case):OFF 小文字(lower case):ON 数字(digit):ON 記号(sign):OFF 紛らわしい文字(confusables):ON nwrjec2m3r63 c0s0y3rttrbh xbut3l626p7f
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European and USA Scythe to "cut hips kill horse", it tries to "buy back it's own tokens" now creating a leverage wi…
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#Bitcoin Last Price $29610 #BTC 🚀 Daily Indicators: -RSI: 39.3 -MA(20): 30605 -MA(50): 36291 -MA(200): 43684 -Bolli…
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Mystics have been 🔥 on defense, especially on Rhyne. We need Tip back badly to be able to hang with the upper tier teams
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RT @absorbineJr: With an upper and lower patch, our NEW Knee Patch is specifically designed to fit anyone. For your chance to win…
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@bestofharryandm @sannetje_26 Yep. She is tiny. His bicep/upper arm is almost 1/2 the width of her back!!
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RT @amazinglybeaut: Yosemite Creek ending to form Upper Yosemite Falls, YNP [OC][2252x4000] - Author: AspiringPhtographer on reddit - Y…
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@tbslibra Oh noooo then I’m not sure 💔 for our show we could get to the pit from the upper levels
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RT @ndbekah: Lincoln in Buenos Aires has a last minute opening for an upper elementary school counselor. If you are interested, please reach out!
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RT @Geraldi94241369: @Saccaguru @CyBearNanook Realise I used upper case - sorry! #psssst #JohnsonOut121 #MetCoverUp
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