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RT @SethAbramson: 6/ Investigators have one (perhaps muted) reaction if two unrelated people forget two unrelated, relatively unimpor…
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#IfIWereAKidAgain I would try to care less about the unimportant.
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Lol my dad be calling me tell me the most unimportant thing ever 😂😩 love you papa💕😩 happy father’s day. Youre a gre…
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Hi my name is Hannah and everyone makes it seem like I’m unimportant, so I’m just going to start to believe it now. Byeeeee 😛
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**** just hops from one person to the next until they realize they’re toxic and slowly push everybody else away and…
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RT @sofie_druckrey: Stay with the person who never lets you feel unimportant
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RT @s_atalig: Ever feel unimportant? Cause same
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RT @mai_elrasad: I hate feeling unimportant to the people that are the most important to me.
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RT @JoyceWhiteVance: Stone claims the meeting was so unimportant he forgot about it & that it would have been "political malpractice" no…
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RT @sofie_druckrey: Stay with the person who never lets you feel unimportant
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@kingston7770 @CNN So, not unimportant, to you?
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the legend @tferriss spitting knowledge, as usual: 1. doing something unimportant well does not make it important.…
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RT @Vbiii241: @kashanacauley When truth becomes unimportant, spelling/grammar aren't far behind.
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@SecNielsen How abt protecting them from further trauma & harm by allowing them to stay with their families to go t…
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"Out of all the unimportant things in the world, football is the most important."
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Still at China. Probably, you guys might thinking why do I capture every single thing even the unimportant ones.
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RT @_kassandruhh: my bf really listens to all of the stupid insignificant stories that come out of my mouth and remembers the unimpor…
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When you’re having an important conversation with somebody and then somebody interrupts with something irrelevant a…
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I will never forget how unimportant you made me feel
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Matthew 25:45 (GW) "He will answer them, 'I can guarantee this truth: Whatever you failed to do for one of my broth…
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