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RT @reneilwe1998: @Itsmadame2 They unsubscribed. Remember it started with, we love him but we sacrifice him and then it was, we love…
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RT @RameshP42867883: Jai Shree Shani Dev Appsai anorood hai ki follow karakai unfollow karanai walai ko dandit karanai ki karapa krai
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@0800Cj Naaaa amigo, te fuiste al pasto, Unfollow
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RT @I_am_The_Jen: MAGA is NOT the NAFO way. I have unfollowed and blocked. I dumped tons of info on under his tweets and he's still t…
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RT @ScaredyShromGal: Forgot to mention, if you call Yuri "Knife Wife" gladly unfollow me I hate people that call her that.
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As soon I see a man post his girl, I unfollow him Ion need no niggas in relationships on my shit
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@A_dmg04 Wow the amount of people I had to unfollow today is unreal. You know what I’ll say it too: leave kids alone. #IStandWithNickmercs
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RT @shahzadkhld: Please unfollow these backstabbers👇 Ali Haider Zaidi @AliHZaidiPTI Fawad Chaudhry @fawadchaudhry Imran Ismail…
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@unusual_whales Wonder how many other people will unfollow for posting something abc is pushing 😂
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And if you are offended by that, look in the mirror, unfollow me and then proceed to take your life however you ple…
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RT @Mariposa732: I refuse to be categorized. How I love, who I love, who I side with... are not your options but mine. The only opti…
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RT @Shinonomeroni: Whoever thinks porn of Nichijou characters is okay please unfollow me right this instant.
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No, Scott Weiner is not bad because he’s Jewish or wears a leather harness at an adult event. That has nothing to d…
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@thatdammygirlie I think it’s time to unfollow this girl. Cos Wetin concern tribe for this kain thing.
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j'ai même pas attendu la fin de l'année pour unfollow ma classe, aucun effort
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Me acabo de ganar un #UnFollow q le llaman y yo #EnEstasFachas #NoMásDigo
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@jayvanbavel Choose very carefully who I follow/friend with. Unfollow people whose content makes me feel stressed o…
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@jojo_op_vie @ElNotDarkness Il est trop mauvais mdrrr oklm je l’ai unfollow dans la paix
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RT @miraboi: If anyone has ever been credited by me. Believe you deserve it from me and I know that. Not this unknown random peo…
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@CheeseLog_1 Just go through your following list and unfollow those that don’t follow you. I wouldn’t trust an app.
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