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It seems that Jinhyuk doesn't understand how to save it — JINHYUK #1 INSTALIVE
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@OverlordEXO @imexolover_ @weareoneEXO I don't understand why people are not voting its not a big deal...u just hav…
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RT @Kiaz19: Oh yeah, I'll tell you somethin' I think you'll understand When I say that somethin' I want to hold your hand I wan…
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RT @MvelaseP: Do people really not understand how the Con Court works or, more likely, are they just feigning it because it fits…
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Where can #ChurchAnalysis work with you and your church to help understand your church and local community better,…
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@barbaravargag @Juanitabonitap Don't understand the language but delusional is universal.
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@Blair__Saunders I really want this to be good work, as it's a super refreshing overall approach that I applaud, bu…
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RT @muftimenk: Learn to listen with your heart. Before long you’ll be able to understand the Almighty’s Plan for you. Focus on the…
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@ConfusedRaven8a I thought Mufasas death would be worse but I understand why they did it the way they did.
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@PsalmOfficial Maybe FIFA needs to explain the award for us, coz I really don't understand anymore if the award is…
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RT @tyrathetaurus: i don’t understand how people don’t want to be vegan. i get it’s a commitment but holy fuck have y’all seen slaught…
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i don’t understand him even if he speaks english
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@SageRagnar @BustTickyTacky @_mm3331 @GEsfandiari Still pretty obvious that you didn’t understand my point tho lmao
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RT @IcelandArctic: Does melting of #Arctic sea ice affect monsoons in #Asia? Additional research is needed to better understand possib…
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RT @dumbdidi: My kink is allowing ppl to talk abt me in Arabic bc they don’t think I can understand and then joining in on the co…
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RT @starrychajun: New X1 stans will watch this but not understand how iconic this was for us veteran stans.
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It's very easy to make your own story bank when you understand the types of stories. Video courtesy: L&D Conclave…
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RT @rejectedstars_: teacher: did u understand ? me: yesssss my brain: Charot
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RT @OneInAnARMY: This article talks about why it's not hard to understand why @BTS_twt and ARMY ranked #1 in sustainability 🌏 by Kor…
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RT @overlyxclusive: my love language is leave me alone, but come close. you don’t have to understand it, it just is what it is.
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