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RT @jolafrite_: Je veux des S Je veux des O Je veux des U Je veux des S
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RT @jeffhauser: This Elaine Chao story should be 1 of the biggest scandals in U.S. politics. The political saliency of a Cabinet me…
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@FaZe_Rain Bro it’s just said reply sent to nordan shat and I literally shat myself I thought u liked my tweet or replied
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RT @ralofamgoon: To all the real ones, please don't let none of the lame shit change u. It's only a few of us left stay solid...
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Japanese ship owner contradicts U.S. account of how tanker was attacked
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@realDonaldTrump ... the U.S. and North Korea have already been discussed / informed. WE also firmly assume that No…
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@btsbutterfly131 why would u hear it in heaven tho?? the literal lyrics are 'welcome to this christmas' etc, would…
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RT @heyash: *PLEASE RE-TWEET* im looking to take on more editing work so if u know someone or are looking my DM's are open. i c…
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RT @Personfaces: R E L I N Q U I S H E D
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Now I. D.o.n.t like black mirror.. but lemme tell u about pop superstar Ashley O’s, On a Roll
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RT @SarvenazTash: My box of author copies of VIRTUALLY YOURS just arrived! Want one? Just RT this and I’ll pick two winners to get si…
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@raffanurahil Just reply: "what position are u playing, if you play carry I'll support, if you support then there's…
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Japanese Tanker Owner Says U.S. Is Wrong About Gulf Attack via @thedailybeast Satanisrael…
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RT @OkayKarlae: Lil baby is my prime example of watch who u sleep on. That man got out and focused on his craft , perfected it and…
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RT @tparsi: Intelligence Experts Question Iran Video: 'U.S. Track Record on Ginning up Evidence for War is Not Good'
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group pictures from @vitamin_emery , @mothplastix and @SaintsofGarnes 's polyamorous gay rat wedding ft…
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@sweetkimshi they can’t both fit, it’s another one of them “matching icons for u and bae” 🤧🤧
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RT @Franklin_Graham: What an inspiration! @IAmRodneySmith has traveled all 50 states to mow lawns at no charge for U.S. veterans. Almost…
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RT @jiggukaus: a fan asked ‘jimin why are u so pretty’ and he smiled (prettily) and said thank u (with his pretty voice). we love…
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