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RT @jpanzer: @GlennKesslerWP @AmyEGardner @mrbrownsir A real journalist might get the facts from, say, experts, on whether it ac…
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RT @teambrillants: hello mga team bahay! we can still show our support by tweeting to trend the tag!! ANDREA SPIKES ARANETA
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RT @cryptorecruitr: When $ADA hits $10+ I will not be tweeting “I told you so” to the skeptics. I’ll be tweeting “congratulations” to…
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RT @tiu_anna: Darrenatics mag power tweet po tayo ha. Birthday prod po ngayon ni Darren ipatrend po natin si bebe. Tweeting dn ka…
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RT @springIvr: here’s a little live tweeting thread of my zoom call with joe locke🫶🏼🫶🏼
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@TrolledByChase sorry for not tweeting too much whase, im sure thats why it was boring.
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RT @Itsmetb21: #anjalians I respect that we are accepting things about anju and her personal life but lets not make it very overwh…
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Keke watching shameless and tweeting nonstop is cracking me up fr 😭 @swapitoutgal
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RT @wittycatty: Didn't see Modi / IT Sell tweeting.... May be because kid is not minority...???
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RT @ContraPoints: Tweeting about Amber Heard again will only bring pain & punishment, but the reaction to this is really bothering me…
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RT @xbriejames: [RENEWAL OF MALAYSIAN PASSPORT 2022: AFTER PKP EDITION] Tweeting this because I can’t find any practical informati…
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RT @jedikat71: Tweeting this for science: Which Starfleet Captain is most worthy of Thor's hammer (Mjolnir)? #StarTrek #Marvel (…
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RT @BestyFamily00: @WORLDMUSICAWARD @BEFIRSTofficial Thanks for tweeting about #BEFIRST 's #ByeGoodBye rank up.❣️ I will continue to…
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RT @CHAERYEONG_INTL: MIDZYs!!! Apologies for starting late. We’ve had some difficulties setting up. But we’re now streaming! Tune in a…
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RT @omwambaKE: Good morning? As a tradition confirm where you are tweeting from this Morning
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RT @MEEKSVS: I see @StevenDelDuca tweeting about ending gun violence as someone who has lost 2 friends to gun violence this is e…
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Please be concerned if I ever end up tweeting something like this, I'll forever be a gorgeous and spiteful and an atheist too.
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RT @trappy_12: Keep on tweeting and retweeting. AllStarGames WithDARREN #DarrenEspanto @Espanto2001 DARRENs FieryBDayProd
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Day 142 of tweeting till Pat Cummins replies🤞 @patcummins30
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@e_galv I have enough tin foil in my house, I don't need any friends to add to that. You all are crazy and just mad…
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