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@emeriticus You do know Trump is promoting Truth don’t you? 🤣🤣🤣. It’s like the guy can’t promote, geez. Tucker s…
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@SassyFirehorse @lilwaltjr305 @PettyLupone By whose logic? Anyone of color who has a platform and refuses to speak…
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RT @Blaugranagram: About her relationship with Alexia: “Yes, I have a very good relationship with her. Well, it's Alexia, apart from…
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RT @tegmark: Dagan Shani has IMHO made the most important film of the year - about the harsh #AI truth:
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@MarioNawfal Exactly! Go Chris! The majority knows this. There is absolute truth! What’s wrong with people. They are fools!!!!
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RT @donkoclock: What a Good Tuesday! Truth Social is ALL CAPS with #IndictmentWatch and The US DOJ closing in. Mike Pence is in th…
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#磕炮 #视频 IIt it, Baibaipanpang , a naked truth of iDoll Xiao Pan g, people love. If you are from the bask
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@StephenKing Truth hurts?
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RT @ClownsOfCSPAN: Swamp creature Jamie Raskin gets confronted by truth and by God's word! "You'll reap what you sow - God is in con…
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RT @Blaugranagram: “Almost like a big sister and she always helped me from the first moment I arrived here, the truth is that she has…
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🔥Health Expert Matt McBride FIRED By Woke Corporation After Exposing The Truth About The COVID-19 Pandemic
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The only way to free a people is to enlighten their minds, to teach them how their world could be if they understoo…
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@WalshFreedom I think he knows he can't win and simply wants a platform from which he can make MAGA confront some i…
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@kimguilfoyle If that is true--you should be very sad---DeSantis can win the general---Trump simply cannot---and in…
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.@Alanis - you oughta know the truth about RBC #RBCCanadianOpen
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RT @BigbuckCrypto: OK Link Marines. It’s beyond official. #Chainlink ⛓️ is working with SWIFT and 12 other global banks. Onboarding bi…
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RT @KariLake: Our elections are corrupt. This song lays it out. #81MillionVotesMyAss Listen & Share Maybe we can wake a few p…
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@DC_Draino Imagine you ever telling the truth about what actually happened. 😏
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