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@izosarr C'est clair ! Vous n'aviez pas fait ce chemin pour rien ! Go Gaïndé ! Trust in U
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RT @orange_cooler: LABRADORITE PENDANT Labradorite banishes fears and insecurities, and strengthens faith in the self and trust in t…
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Ain’t no money in the world that can buy you trust
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RT @Pathologists: Pathologist-to-Pathologist Tip of the Week: Take responsibility when you make an error. Mistakes will happen; it's…
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@JessicaJungxBgA @bts_bighit Trust me that's the most romantic and charismatic thing ever
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RT @Alhamdhulillaah: Allah will lift you up when you're down. He'll make you strong when you're weak. He'll guide your path when you lose your way. Trust Him!
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RT @Syaurah0701: aku story sebab nak kau tolong support aku , tapi dalam masa yang sama kau buka story aku dekat orang lain . zaman…
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#Karnataka completely safe, no “Constitution” is unsafe. #GovernorDirection ignored, no trust vote, CM…
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RT @realDonaldTrump: A lot of bad things are happening in Puerto Rico. The Governor is under siege, the Mayor of San Juan is a despicabl…
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RT @NSFTCrisis: "In one case, in Ipswich, staff said some 265 patients were waiting for an assessment and 111 patients were waiting…
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Thanks to Allah SWT kerana menjauhkan aku dari kawan2 yang selama ni aku sangka permata tapi hakikatnya cumalah kac…
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I was a youngin my biggest enemy was the club voicemails on 3 rings fucking me I don’t trust! 💯
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RT @fnr72_: Bcs my last relationship taught me a lot. It made me lose trust. It made it difficult for me to believe that I'd ev…
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@ExSecular Trust vote will happen on Monday.
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RT @TweakBoxApp: It’s fixed. Delete old apps and reinstall new apps! Settings ➜ General ➜ Profiles & Device Management ➜ Enterprise…
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Nicole DO NOT trust or share too much with Jess #BB21
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RT @Chinchawoahbles: Any guy who says zoey deschanel was a bitch in this movie, DO NOT TRUST THEM. PERIOD
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RT @NEWS9TWEETS: #BIGNEWS: Former CM @siddaramaiah seen taking a nap during the ongoing debate on motion of trust.…
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RT @Ian_R_: @adinfinite @SimsMM @EnvAgency @BristolCouncil with what was burning I reckon nothing is safe, highly carcinogenic…
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@JoeBiden Joe isn't sleepy. He runs, does push ups, unifies, tells the Truth & serves. His disarming Humility for s…
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