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RT @notviking: one time in fourth grade a kid told me to look up porn in the classroom dictionary so i did and then after i read t…
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RT @itsdanialazlan: Dear white people. as an asian, if we do just like this kid eh, our asian parents will directly 1. starring at u…
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Didn’t get in trouble for bringing wine outside this time around 🍷👌🏼 @ Rosenthal Wine Bar and Patio
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RT @ScarletAvengers: Bill Barr is demanding encryption backdoors from tech companies in the software we use every day. We really are in…
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RT @sfpelosi: So the reporter who recently threatened @AprilDRyan with a lawsuit after being removed from an event has a record o…
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@DamselNDetroit Like I’m pretty sure Facebook just got in big big trouble for allowing Fake News from the Russians…
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RT @itswaltermcfly: @SessieTorres Double the trouble 🤪🤪
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@RudyGiuliani @realDonaldTrump Democrats #DoNothingParty which causes turmoil and trouble, boil and bubble - like a…
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@NotoriousEL_ I have trouble waiting til i’m calm & tend to come off aggressive even when i dont mean to, idk how to stop
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RT @SethAbramson: We bought into this autocrat for all the wrong reasons. And those reasons are going to get a public airing soon.
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RT @Masruriyahya: @galerimilanisti Sudah di bilang jangan pakai Borini dan Castilejo..Tweet dulu selalu aku bilang trouble maker nya…
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RT @WordswithSteph: @funder @joncoopertweets The G6 + 1 magnifies Donald Trump’s gross inadequacies as a world leader. He can scarcely…
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RT @KicheKicheb: Those who love me, I will deliver; I will protect those who know my name. When they call me, I will answer them. I…
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@oldfilmsflicker Super Fly is objectively the best but I love me some Trouble Man.
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Dick trouble pills #BallersHBO
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So the reporter who recently threatened @AprilDRyan with a lawsuit after being removed from an event has a record o…
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@SessieTorres Double the trouble 🤪🤪
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@goddess_devuu Girl I bet it was! I’d love a summary if you’re in the mood cause I know she ain’t say anything wort…
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RT @jennycohn1: We are in serious trouble. When members of our government behave as if they’ve been blackmailed, perhaps it’s becau…
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