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RT @Sol_Daro: Good morning to those that both their women and men's team lifted a trophy this year AND qualified to the group sta…
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RT @ManCity: You know you want to watch it again...😉 Watch the match highlights and our @premierleague trophy lift! 🎥
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Was on the train from Paddington to my hotel last night and pulled my laptop out to finalise the report for Non-Lea…
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RT @SonyaSceats: As Prime Minister of Australia, Morrison kept a refugee boat trophy in his office. Now Australia has rejected his…
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@JustinE51090 @noncon3D @FlaPanthers No it wouldn't, I'm not a Tampa Bay or Florida fan but you shouldn't be surpri…
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2014-15 Trophy winners: Real Madrid win the UEFA Super Cup
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RT @SSE_NGA: Primeira Liga champion 🏆 Taça de Portugal champion 🏆 Zaidu Sanusi wins his second trophy of the season with Porto.
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RT @sportbible: Oleksandr Zinchenko wraps the Ukrainian flag around the Premier League trophy 🇺🇦
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RT @txthestandard: this will be the last time we'll be nominated for hot stage since they won't be performing on inki next week anymor…
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RT @IFTVofficial: “I dedicate this to Mino Raiola, its my first trophy without him. He told me that only I could save this Milan.”…
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RT @Rozkez67: Love my team! So proud of this @LFC team. Congratulations to Man City. We go again next year. Bring on the…
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@goal Be interested to see the reaction of a player putting a Yemen flag or African nation flag on a Premierleague trophy.
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RT @_falsi1ke: There's no trophy in sleeping around. Start a business with your spouse and start saving for the kids. Cheating is outdated.
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RT @MumukshuSavitri: 4 Just like Visheshwar, the mosque was built on top of remains of the temple, as a trophy of Islam’s conquest over…
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RT @brfootball: Manchester City celebrate their latest trophy 🥳
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RT @hrrysgreysuit: My favorite video so far 🤣 1) they don’t know where to put her😂 2) she’s trying to take the gift box from the guy…
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RT @_SpursTrophies: Days since a trophy: Man City - 1 Liverpool - 9 Chelsea - 359 Leicester - 373 Arsenal - 659 Man Utd - 1824 Wigan A…
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@WalterWhiteLFC @goat_culer @ChelseaFC @FCBarcelona Last season? Trophy won this season? Make it make sense
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@idextratime bismillah bersama 10 hag siap tsunami trophy 😎😎😎
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