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RT @AbGeorge_: 1 Year of #Rolex 🔥 6 minutes mass treat for @Suriya_offl fans from Loki 👏 the BEST CAMEO role for any actor from S…
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RT @VolareSales: Using real medical practises that involve biological chemical and surgical amputations, including chest binders to…
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RT @DRESPITFACTS: I dont ever wanna go through another stage or period of time in my life where I am constantly begging and telling s…
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@LoganFxke i can treat you better
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RT @MSVintageValues: @NCGOP @NCDemParty You Good Christian Republicans may want to take a peek at the Gospel of Matthew for a few words…
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@ramalokot Is the Scorpion with its former employees or is the Scorpion in new employees?what is the problem of the…
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@zzbenz My dad taught our dogs the word gentle and the behavior. In feeding treats, he would hold back his hand if…
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@DavoZed He doesn’t seem to treat ppl w/kindness or respect—perhaps they backed away some time ago?
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RT @HILLARY_259: Problem with Dating a Doctor is that they treat you like a Patient everything is for you best interest
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When you love someone you just don’t treat them badddd
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RT @u3pxx: [#aceattorney] idk??? i'm still dying doing finals so some silly little self-indulgent redesigns??? that i drew ver…
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RT @C_JesslynJKT48: in the mean time, selama aku masih jd member please treat me like an idol, tolong jangan perlakukan aku kayak aku m…
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@TheGhostfear @historyinmemes Autism ain’t a disease you can treat 🙂
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📖WORD OF THE DAY📖 - Corticosteroids Also called steroids, these are anti-inflammatory medicines used to treat a r…
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IN OTHER NEWS — A medication used to treat Type 2 diabetes, has gone viral as a weight loss drug.
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If you drive in W Philly during porchfest I think you should get 4 lentils as a special treat
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RT @thesarahkelly: It is actually totally fine to hire people to help you with anything you need as long as you pay them fairly and tr…
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RT @DRESPITFACTS: I dont ever wanna go through another stage or period of time in my life where I am constantly begging and telling s…
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my poor mark is preparing for 3 different comebacks with 3 DIFFERENT GROUPS SM TREAT YOUR ARTIST BETTER GIVE HIM A…
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I’ll treat you right Natalie
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