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RT @WarEagle0325: @RonFilipkowski Translation: Republican man's son can't hold his own at West Point, is getting kicked out, and tol…
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@RonFilipkowski Translation: a son of one of tRump’s cronies got kicked out of West Point for an honor code violation.
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Don’t trust Quran translations on the internet or apps, if you see something you don’t understand ask different Isl…
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According to @multilingualmag, a recent study by @Nimdzi_Insights and @weglot finds that “machine #translation (#MT…
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RT @miiniyoongs: [translation of jin’s maple story resume]
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das Buch translates to book Thank you so much for being a member of our community! #German #Wörter #learngerman #translation #Deutsch
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@SmashMaster9000 @Marcanthony737 Citation please about the japanese translation. Even if I were to believe you, an…
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Amazing. Ang kwela nilang lahat lalo na si Simon Pegg. Kahit naasa lang sila sa earpiece translation ang bilis nila…
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RT @Avalldar: Aquarius is not even bearing water but pouring wind… most folks don’t know this as, the info got lost in translatio…
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@NikkiHaley Translation. The irs may finally be able to complete Trump's audit in a year..or 2.
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@olivierglinec He was read everywhere until the 1970's, But Penguin Books has a new translation of most of Simeno…
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Huellas digitales, ADN, dientes... 🧬 Las películas nos han enseñado que existen muchas formas de identificarnos.…
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@SportsCenter @amandacstein translation: coming out destroyed his career, even as everyone gave platitutes about his courage, oops?
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Considering the New Living Translation via @ThomRainer
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はじまりました~! #スーパーマリオワールド #RTA #speedrun #Vtuber #VTuberを発掘せよ JP/translation EN【夏の朝活 #9】スーパーマリオワールドRTA!目指せ!33:30切り!💪…
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RT @Jun_Esaka: English translation of Sasuke retsuden finally! How was it translated, like the scene of the lakeside in frosty nig…
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@MairavZ Translation: Even if the Jews didn’t do it, it’s still the Jews’ fault.
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RT @GigaBeers: Dems To Make IRS Larger Than Pentagon, State Department, FBI, and Border Patrol Combined Translation: Eliminate mi…
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@kvkwky @zlj517 Try this WEBSITE, YOU will thank me, if you do not understand Chinese can u…
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