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Lots of hard work. Great tradition to keep
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RT @Riddlemethat14: @reneilwedotcom @ZerkeeB Every kill was done with a prayer offering to Gods/ancestors before eating. Have you ever…
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@kip_giesing Super Idee! 🐴🍻Pferderennen haben auch in München Tradition:
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@ADL @NCJW Any authentic Jewish position on abortion is very nuanced. Flatly stating that “reproductive freedom” is…
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RT @jiminmugIer: jimin was the first member to start the gift tradition, he writes letters with words full of affection and worries,…
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RT @Rosemary_Henn: A truly gorgeous piece by Anne Enright. Very much enjoyed the suggestion of a new Bloomsday tradition: wandering Sa…
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@SkySportsF1 Tradition
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it don’t matter what time any event start black ppl will always be late it’s a tradition now😂😂😂😂
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RT @Napoha_: ...they can do the chakki in a central jail or solitary confinement in the decades-long proud tradition of dissente…
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Students in Harvey got the crowd excited for a performance worth seeing. BM Hanson Idol is a tradition done by stud…
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The tradition continues #KinnPorsche #MileApo #KinnPorscheTheSeries
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25 minutes til we're moaning about the England squad for meaningless friendlies, as is tradition
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RT @Madandas1951: #GodMorningTuesday God Morning Giving or accepting Dowry is a useless tradition . Kill The Dowry System
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RT @Fact: The tradition of men walking on the right side of women is such, so that they can easily pull out swords in case of a sudden attack.
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RT @kwakurafiki2: Someone asked me the last time why I (an Ashanti) supports the NDC. I will try to be succinct. Ans: I’ve read the…
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@zahraakhan_ Yess gotta carry on the tradition now🥹💜
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hehehehe also planning to read more about ancient china tradition and culture na rin ksks my guilty pleasure since…
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WEF back, learned nothing "The #WEF is committed to a totalising world view, so every problem will be solved by mo…
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@smiles_mando This is Shia garbage on display this tradition is ironically copied from Jewish tradition which you w…
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RT @chile_pepper: So new tradition, whatever team comes from behind to eliminate the Leafs in seven games sweeps their next opponent.
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