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RT @fromthecribbed: If Leprechaun can go into space for his gold, you can handle today. #MondayMotivaton
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RT @cracjp: Twitter Japan is now suspending those accounts which denies hate speech and hoax targeting minorities following tod…
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Today's parallel sessions at #IPAIAL2018 are so interesting! Not sure whether going for #tropicallakes, #varved or #quantitative...
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@HectorMariscal7 Bro that's very unfortunate the sales company made our football team look bad today.
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شناسایی مکانیسمی برای تنظیم مایع مغزی نخاعی
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RT @morethanashieId: today's tea: ╭╯ ╭╯╭╯╭╯ ╭╯ ████████████ ═╮ █twitter is now too █ | █toxic that im afraid█ | █ to tweet my…
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RT @davelackie: Today's luxe beauty giveaway is this summer Arden pouch + Beautiful Colour Lip Gloss in "Cameo". To enter, RT & fol…
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my first graders today as they were coloring the shirt for their lemur “this one must be a girl because only GIRLS…
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@bodybossmethod Started my first workout today! It was so tough, I’m switching to the pre-training! I loved every s…
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RT @MarNigoTheOFC: Hashtag for today : #POPSSSSKantahan Tara na guys makitwitter party na dhil it's MarNigo Day..
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RT @TheRickWilson: Paul Manafort is staring up at a gray, concrete ceiling in a grey, concrete cell inside a jailhouse today. He will…
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#Aries Single�s Love Horoscopes for Today 19-Jun-2018 =>
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RT @MariahMusgrove7: So I posted a picture of me wearing my brothers shirt today and he texted me asking if I was wearing his shirt and…
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RT @riotwomennn: Today @SecNielsen repeatedly lied about the separation of families at border, a policy implemented by the Trump adm…
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RT @iamthereallughz: Regardless, RIPs XxxTentacion and Jimmy Wopo who were both gunned down today
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RT @urbangaygriot: If Father's Day is triggering to you because of absence or toxic interactions with your father, I wish you peace to…
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RT @Mmueller88: Since I've already engaged Twitter in such awesome ways today, I'll cap it off with this. You can be FOR securing…
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