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I just showed up for a final in the wrong class and then realized my final isn’t until Wednesday. Happy Monday to me.
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RT @remsdreams: hate when older people say "you're too young to be tired" alright margaret you're too old to be alive but here we are
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tá foda mais to de pé
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RT @coweddle: The US Embassy in Caracas says Venezuela's Canaima Airport has been closed "indefinitely due to a protest." The air…
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RT @ShawnNewsPoland: To zdjęcie wymiata!
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I unfriended Varis on Facebook and unfollowed him on Instagram just to go back and see what he be posting 😂🤦🏾‍♀️
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RT @memorycardsYT: GIVEAWAY! We have an extra physical copy of #SuperSmashBrosUltimate to give away. Just RT and follow us to enter. W…
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I’d like to travel the world again. Not in a uniform this time tho so I can sample that foreign weed.
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RT @zabdydbaz: They dropped out to feed their families. Y’all drop out cause you’re alcoholics who can’t handle 8 am classes
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RT @Blackhoodoo: rt if you've ever: - self-harmed - attempted suicide - been to a therapist - cancelled on things because you don't…
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RT @jamesxingleton: things to normalise in 2019: - gay parents - men crying - boys liking “girls toys” - girls liking “boys toys” - ga…
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RT @V_actually: You @Comey single handedly ruined the greatest crime fighting organization in the world. The FISA process was abus…
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RT @thebradfordfile: John Kerry on France: "Their citizens adamantly support the Paris Agreement and expect their leaders to do somethin…
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RT @steph23210: Inconsistency is a turn off to me. Dont be all over me one min then distant the next. I'm loyal to effort & actions…
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@lloyd_rm @fwhatworld That wasn't a protest. It was a kid tantrum. You're in no position to demand adult diplomacy when you act like a child
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Head colds really suck, when you have a sinus headache and have to sneeze whole bunch. My head feels like it’s about to explode 🤧🤧
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@bharrishabs @DaveLaneTweets Banish him to CBS
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RT @kyulwoos: izone said fuck MAMA. we're here just to promote Skoolooks
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Using Memrise app to do an archaeological dig and excavate high school Latin from the deep recesses of my head. Int…
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