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it would be a hundred times easier if we were young again
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RT @mehdirhasan: This is why some of us - no matter how vaccinated we are, no matter how many times people tell us Covid is ‘mild’ a…
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RT @WrittenByHanna: Is this one of those times where age has simply creeped up on me or is there a reason young men are starting to dre…
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@chubigans @TheVTran I had boba 3 times yesterday, help me david
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RT @Uncle_Franko: Even in the worst of times, God is still good.
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RT @BBU_BLACKPINK: "More than anyone, we want to be ordinary girls. Sure, there are times when we talk about what kind of influence we…
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Not a bad signing. Interesting times ahead.
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RT @SnipeForV: Important 🚨 Report these accounts multiple times under targeted h@r@ssment, viōlence & âbusive language ‼️ ❌DO N…
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RT @roomforletters: before halseys first album even released, fans already knew all the lyrics to the songs because they WANTED to list…
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RT @charlieINTEL: Season 3 Reloaded roll out times: — Vanguard update 10am PT on May 24 — Warzone update 9am PT on May 25
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RT @RahulMa48961756: #RealKnowledgeOfBuddhism It is written six times in Yajurveda Adhyay 8 Mantra 13 that God destroys even the graves…
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CVS got no more times to text me 😂
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RT @EuromaidanPress: In Ukraine's 1st sentence over Russian war crimes, 21-year-old 🇷🇺sergeant Vadim Shishimarin was sentenced to life f…
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RT @jesskcoleman: Thomas Friedman's progressive-bashing has reached a new level of bad faith. How many times does a center-left stra…
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Recent Times Political Sensational @savukku 🔫💥
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RT @StatsAdele: .@Adele joins @taylorswift13 as the only musicians to appear three times on @TIME’s 100 Most Influential People lis…
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RT @WUTangKids: End of an era…NYC just removed the last working pay phone booth in the entire city from Times Square
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RT @ApkExodus: If you've kept hold of your #Saitama over these tough market times, and through all the attention seeking fudders(n…
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RT @halsey: I wrote it in January. and then I had to re-produce it a few times to get the label on board. But in its current st…
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