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RT @MikeDrucker: Remember that time Republicans made it a national crisis when football players kneeled during the National Anthem,…
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@RoRyeo21 😘😘🙆‍♀️ You know without realizing it we use kst as time standard here all the time 🤣😛
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RT @vashnare: I won’t lie, I always tried to smash Aria every time 😂 @masseffect
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RT @guccixvans: When someone says One Direction broke up but you know it’s a hiatus meaning it’s an extended break for a long time…
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RT @SRF_BOARDT: #ARMYHiveStreamingParty #ARMYHiveProject YALLL GET READY WITH YOUR STREAMING APPS. It's time to fight back.
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RT @teganandsara: Now is not the time to pick fights with celebrities but if I read one more “I’m not political” tweet I’m going to f…
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RT @vergecurrency: #tpay and #xvg are proud to be listed on @plaakcommunity. The first time both coins are listed together! Showing th…
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RT @Amy_Siskind: Thread: Steve Schmidt is leaving the Republican Party. I don’t know how any person with a soul or conscience can r…
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RT @GlobalGolfPost: The golf world has lost a legend in five-time Open Championship winner Peter Thomson. READ:…
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RT @RuthieRedSox: Hey @Twitter and @TwitterSupport how come my followers haven’t moved in months? Impressions are down significantly,…
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RT @Notorious_SMF: Y’all are getting quality time and dates mixed up
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RT @JDLuckenbach: Anyone who can walk 3 grueling months with a child to escape death and violence and want a better life, can live ne…
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RT @MarkWarner: This is child abuse.
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RT @theskindoctor13: Intern: UP ki ladki ko r*pe threats.. Rajdeep: Big news! Law & order failure. Yogi se leke Modi sabko lapet lunga.…
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@anastiels The one where jensen just talks about Jared sweating and saying “Dean” all the time hahha
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RT @k_runswick_cole: Each time my son is positioned outs the 'norm' as one of 'them' not one of 'us' I see mortal danger #LeDeR
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we all want everything to be okay, so we tend to happily settle for okay, because most of the time okay is enough
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Or maybe it occurred to him that he has an Hispanic name and the people who pay him to shtupp the rich will turn on him in time.
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RT @mummy_ukzznli: Yakin sgt mintal Zayn jaga Ilaina. Tengok cara Zayn lyn wife dia pun mcm tak reti je. Adusssss!!! Come on mika. Bia…
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RT @Shadyboywolff: releasing more art next wednesday, titled "more time than we asked for" 💙💙
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