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@ConorMcGahey Gonna throw "SMELL THE GLOVE" OUT THERE GAME 3
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RT @LegionHoops: BREAKING: The NBA is discussing penalizing intentional fouls to stop fast breaks by giving the other team a free th…
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@BamTheGOAT13 @HeatvsHaters Better fella has shown no skill he’s been living off the refs happy whistle all game fr…
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@maxberger Corp Dems will find a way to throw out her votes like Tifany Caban's votes in NYC
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Why she gotta throw up on my pillow tho 😒🙄😕😑
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RT @5ReasonsSports: Jimmy Butler up to 18 free throw attempts
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people really will throw all your trauma in your face cause they mad lol that’s a different type of wicked i want no parts of.
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@LoverbugKayla i’d throw hands 💀
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@elaketrina start secretly taking her stuff and throw them away little by little and when she asks act like u have…
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If could throw up, you'd make me want to. The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine. OH BROTHER
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RT @blossom_718: Minho commented on Kibum insta bumkeyk caption "Deep deep deep deep deep Whip whip whip whip whip " ㄴ choiminho_12…
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RT @CoachKhalilS: 🚨COACHES: Stop taking kids out for every single mistake; let them play through some mistakes. When you do sub, don’…
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Emergency was the biggest instrument of FOE , Democracy and builder of Governance … Same President of party since 2…
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RT @TansuYegen: If I knew we could make these with empty toilet paper rolls, I would never throw them away...
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@jupiter_astro Sir, can you let us know what Gyanvapi will be? Can you throw some light on this?
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RT @ShibleyTelhami: .⁦@chrislhayes⁩ on AIPAC spending to defeat progressives over Israel: “there is something striking about seeing 3 o…
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RT @alec_lewis: What a damn day for MJ Melendez. Became the third Royals catcher in the last 40 years to start in both games of a d…
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RT @John_Karalis: Jimmy Butler is now 17-18 from the free throw line. Terrible job keeping him out of the lane. They have Pritchard o…
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Im going to throw up
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@espn You mean getting it done from the free throw line? Dudes getting calls like the name on the back of his jersey says Durant
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