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RT @ImAdeAkins: How dare this man not understand that the half smile and all these invisible, internalised thoughts was his cue to…
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Shit, he needed to stop those damn thoughts. This was the third time this week that he has been here. Arriving earl…
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@BubbaDrewy @LBC @clivebull I don’t read the Daily Fail. I can same the same to you but my thoughts are clear, tha…
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@DevinNunes how are those referrals? Haven't heard much about that recently? Thought they were coming soon? Thoughts?
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@miriaaaaamg I have !!! please share thoughts !!
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RT @tedlieu: Went to Church and the first reading was Genesis 18:1-10A. Abraham looks up from his tent on a hot day and sees thr…
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I seen this and loved it, and I love Pac. Your thoughts?
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RT @TheSwannWay: Jeremiah - 29.11: For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of ev…
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RT @dueces_jhs: Can’t wait to have kids and for them to grow up to be their own individuals and not something perpetuated by older…
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RT @SuzyLuGME: Here are my thoughts & reaction to the first Witcher Netflix trailer! Hype!! <3 via @YouTube
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Any thoughts on this @newshtwit?
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@brunollati GOD....i don't even remember what my thoughts on this were, because i read this part such a long time a…
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Royal portrush has never looked so good 😎@JamieBrysonCPNI all thoughts are yours from my Twitter now
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Alyssa’s drunk thoughts at 3 am be like:
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RT @KadePNG: Custom Tsuki skin concept @ObeyAlliance #ObeyFRC Really like how these came out, also took a long time to make whi…
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RT @brendatracy24: Coaches & NCAA, There is not one program I’ve visited that a player wasn’t dealing w depression, anxiety or suicid…
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sad lang kasi baka hindi talaga involved and aware yung trainees sa plan since sobrang genuinely heartbroken talaga…
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RT @loafocus: Replace any negative thoughts from yesterday with positive thoughts of today. Live in the now and always strive to be better.
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RT @grantlandis: sunday afternoon thoughts
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RT @radyrgolf: Thank you to the kind visitor that left a review on today’s member and guest competition. If you have visited the…
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