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RT @kkenndrraaa: realizing that some ppl are just not meant to be in your life can be one of the hardest things to learn
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RT @tracyybuiiii: seriously people out here judging you off of the things THEY see when they don’t know shit that’s going on in your…
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And there are a lot of good things that we didn't know about this one angel ❤
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Waiting for the good things ....they will definitely comes
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RT @igutjung: 3 things we don't know about dy - ปากกว้าง - หุ่นดี ไหล่กว้าง - สายเปย์ ถามจริงใครไม่รู้บ้างอะ ก็รู้กันหมดปะ โดยอง…
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RT @Keyana_Marie_: @fundychiggs @dulce_gabbana Definitely true , being in a relationship helps you learn so much about yourself that y…
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RT @Shockletpain: Today I am announcing what I am doing for my 1000 follower goal! First things first seems pretty standard. A 24 h…
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RT @blxcknicotine: I need to have strong heart, and a wise mind. And just because things are a mess right now, doesn’t mean they will…
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RT @MissNyawira: It took me like 2 hours to get my things. Then the threats started flowing in. So if something ever happens to me h…
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RT @coffeespoonie: Hey non-Disabled followers, take a scroll through #HowToPissOffDisabledPeople and make a note to never say any of those things again ! 💖
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RT @potchijisoo: joshua hong & yoon jeonghan’s synchronization is a living proof that there are just some things we can not explain…
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RT @Exkarma: Why do guys go to bars to meet women? Go to Target. There's like 10 women to each man and they're already there loo…
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lets talk about all the good things and the bad thingsssssss
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RT @Jessica_Tevaga: @bkowacich @JeremyManning36 It's the parents that wanted to "give their kids everything they never had" and then ar…
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RT @MensaOtabil: You cannot expect God to do big things for you, when your expectation of Him is very small...Therefore, in order to…
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RT @nyssabarfield: Still healing from things I don’t speak about, I just take it day by day.
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RT @DuroodSharif: Durood Shareef is a cure for all things, lets all send abundant Durood and Salaam upon our Beloved ﷺ on this beautiful day of Jummah! 💚
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Hi friends. Please remember to be aware of your surroundings and be careful. ❤️ you never expect the bad things to…
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Let's be honest, this is scary shit. Imagine having a Evac plan ready for your never know when things mi…
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