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@AMADICHIMA @segalink @DrJoeAbah You done start this thing wey Dey make me vex where you Dey again abi.. share this…
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@hestylesdebut idk if it is an european thing or what but here in Spain (at least all the people I know) sneeze like that sjfsjjssja
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@thehill Is there such a thing as lying 110% of the time? Is that possible?
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Pakistan sneaking through to the semis and winning in knockout games will be the most Pakistan thing ever....on second thoughts
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@flowersineden @cheese_lit It's a word that other people can say, so white people thing they can yell it out, too.
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@esnapp1 I agree with the whole fame thing. I just don't understand why you would be okay with your BF going on a s…
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RT @pvtjokerus: The Gov of Montana removed the State Flag from the capitol campus over the weekend in favor of a Gay Pride flag. He…
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RT @DexterHoney1: Just when a Boy thought he could relax on the landing, my Dad turns up with that black clicky thing! 🙄 Honey said I…
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That whole perspective thing is a little weird huh?
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RT @DarrinStevensJr: @charliekirk11 That was a thing @JussieSmollett did to the LGBT community and the black community. He accomplished…
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RT @ErrorTheorist: Sometimes it seems like telling a harmless lie is the virtuous thing to do. Does that mean that sometimes it is vir…
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@Jrodriguez716J @Chandler_Rome The only thing he dipped were dozens and dozens of chicken nuggets.
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@0lilangel fuckk this's the worse thing ever😭😭😭😂
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RT @dailyhoping: Anyways I’m so done with the bickering about ships~ none of them are real. Wake up ~ and please grow up None of t…
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〝 I-I did NOT know UNTIL now. No need to jump to conclusions. No, I don’t sleep under a rock. 〞 Not having a singl…
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RT @sivemorten: Yo they made "horses" from Old Town Road into a real thing
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RT @Education4Libs: Dear @AOC, Did you fake cry when Obama did the same thing to kids at the border? If there is anything consistent…
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RT @realDonaldTrump: Iran leadership doesn’t understand the words “nice” or “compassion,” they never have. Sadly, the thing they do unde…
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RT @Lucaspeebo: At the end of the day, you have to be with someone who can accept you at your worst. Vice-versa, you have to do the…
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RT @AnneBro12529938: Honestly @netflix you are letting go of a GREAT thing... Lucifans are the most dedicated fans I’ve ever come across…
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