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RT @anjola_i: i don’t know how you can defend someone’s shitty behaviour just because they’re your friend. if you were a real fri…
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RT @YankeeOnline: This is what Men do when they’re all alone, dont you just love us?😂😂😂
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RT @elle_desylva: As an Australian I find it odd that Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley and Tlaib are seen as the “far left” when they’re…
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RT @kingsihuns: im not against x1 debuting next month but i think it's too early? pdx just ended and they're probably gonna shoot t…
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RT @choisan_kr: i just want y’all to know that never doubt wooseok and jinhyuk’s love for Honey10s. yes it hurts that they don’t me…
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@hogcephus @CoachGCurl @optimisthawg13 The news plays everyone that way nowadays. Lol so many false things in the m…
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RT @NorSuhailaMohd1: Dilan 1991 taught me to appreciate someone that treats you good before they’re gone ☹️
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RT @postsynthpink: harold, they’re lesbians
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RT @bankrollquail: God uplift these kids out of the situation they’re in
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I'm Libra and that's why i don't like kpop We'll they're right. I only like BTSpop
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They want to be tested by your life, so comfortable with this life on re.
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RT @KlMJEONS: solo stans and shippers that hate on other ships are so embarrassing.... bts literally constantly talking about how…
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@MaiaBug2010 You're preaching the choir. Nothing about Rothchild project in Pslestine is kosher. They have systim…
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wait but i love calum's cheeks they're just so pinchable ... now i sound like a grandma
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RT @minkyusiast: jinhyuk told minkyu not to call him since he’s doing a insta live and also told him “minkyu yah, if you call during…
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RT @imgoldenhoney: @realAmal97 Wow, they’re even worse than I thought. They haven’t confirmed that the texts are real either. They’re…
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RT @alexander_olly: I love Poland and I’m lucky to have met lots of queer polish people there ❤️💙💜🧡💛💙 they’re so fucking cool and the country is beautiful.
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If someone has scars that you know were obtained from combat wounds, there is no need to ask for details on how it…
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@whiskey_jim Lol, they're long gone mate, but I'll take a photo when I go back to work 😁😁
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RT @kpoplover727: Chanyeol and Sehun are probably so excited for their album release that they’re jamming backstage before the showcase 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️
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