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@SuJacko @tabithajussa We need some Field’s metal... low melt temp and non toxic..
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PARAAA que todavía no termine la temp 15
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RT @CGWeatherHub: Current Weather (Johnstown, Ontario) Conditions Temp: 77.4 f (25 c). Wind: 5.9 kmh SW. BP:101.7 kPa and Falling slo…
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RT @MartiiCabanez: Que dice esta??? Es la mejor cosa que podes hacer, te enganchas tanto que las 15 temp parecen 1
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19:00 IST: Temp:20.2°C, Wind:ESE, 2 kts (ave), 6 kts (gust), Humidity:69%, Rain (hourly) 0.0 mm, Pressure:1030 hPa, falling slowly
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Sandsoyveret: 15/7/2019 20:10 Temp: 11.9oC maks. 13.8oC min. 10.3oC Vind: 6.3 m/s NW maks 6.7 m/s Nedbor: 0.2 mm
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19:20 Alghero - Poco Nuvoloso Vento: NNW a 13 Km/h Temp: 25 °C Ur: 65% 1007 hPa (29.74 in Hg) -
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19:10 Its Evening,Sunny/Dry and it feels Comfortable outside. The temperature has been falling for the last few hou…
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Huussi Varattu!! Huussi Temp: 22.4C, Komposti Temp: 18.0C, Huussi / status: 78.0 cm
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@Temp me mohak and capsidal are sending
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why do you have a mercury symbol in your bio? — mercury is just a cool element to me haha liquid at room temp?? tha…
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Temp is,23,C and is,right,way up /via #Twine
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RT @theofficenbc: ARIES: Office Admin TAURUS: Accountant GEMINI: Sales CANCER: Receptionist LEO: Regional Manager VIRGO: Quality Assu…
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Mon 14:00: Partly Cloudy; Temp 26.2 C; Humidex 29; Wind W 13 km/h; Humidity 43%; Press 101.8 kPa / falling.
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Mon 11:00: Sunny; Temp 19 C; Wind SSW 11 km/h; Humidity 55%; Press 101.8 kPa.
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Mon 14:00: Partly Cloudy; Temp 26.3 C; Humidex 31; Wind NNE 11 km/h; Humidity 52%; Press 101.9 kPa / falling.
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RT @PUBG: We've updated an old classic. Coming to a PUBG lobby near you very soon... 🔊🔊
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Mon 11:00: Mostly Cloudy; Temp 22 C; Humidex 23; Wind S 13 km/h; Humidity 45%; Press 101.6 kPa / falling.
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Mon 14:00: Partly Cloudy; Temp 29.9 C; Humidex 34; Wind SW 21 km/h gust 30 km/h; Humidity 41%; Press 101.8 kPa.
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Mon 14:00: Mostly Cloudy; Temp 24.6 C; Humidex 29; Wind NNW 21 km/h gust 34 km/h; Humidity 56%; Press 100.7 kPa / r…
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