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RT @ilovemypets56: Watching news.Johnson at Primary school in Orpington. Child hands Johnson a note. He reads it out. “Please come to…
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Even tho I agree with this, these kids are bad asf. Lmaoooo. Disrespectful asf and they old enough to be held accou…
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One of my fav parts of being a teacher is when a whole class of kids is arguing over who is the favorite bc they al…
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RT @mhazaaaaaa: Students often ask me if I'm a gym teacher. Which is fine, except it's usually when I'm teaching Math,
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自動売買〔EA〕が おススメな理由! 私はトレードに 全くと言っていい程 自信が無いので、 自動売買を始めました 「利益、自由、幸せ」を得る為に! !!!無料でEA配布中!!!
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RT @Billy_talks: Teacher: Anita you scored 9/10 Anita: Thanks babe... sorry sir the class:
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@Miamillerm she has no tattoos… husband call me teacher don’t have short hair
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RT @OvOBrezzzy: Free Gunna and young thug Take my math teacher instead
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@VassalOfChrist I remember in HS i saw it and my history teacher scoff at it, Owen Wilson in an action film. I thou…
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RT @ScarredForLife2: @outonbluesix This very issue of Fangoria was confiscated by my form teacher. "Don't let me ever - EVER - see you w…
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RT @gloivy_: The Night Class a post-war panville teacher/student fic for @PansyFest2022 ft. indignant disinherited Pansy and c…
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RT @stuckiny2k: Blackpink when their dance teacher asked why the music isn’t working
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RT @btsinthemoment: comment 🐿 heol (omg) baek ssaem (teacher)!! jjeuin!! why didnt you call me!!!!! 😢😍 🐹 do 'kkilkkibbabba' [t/n '낄…
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As my first year of teaching comes to a close, for the first time I find graduation more emotional for teachers tha…
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RT @WillHild: .@StateFarm’s goal was to have "550 agents and employees" nationwide donate a 3-book bundle about Being Transgender…
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@yellowelsafar well my elementary school teacher yelled at me once (and she was fat) so it checks out
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Marxism educates the vanguard of the proletariat, capable of assuming power and leading the whole people to sociali…
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@TommyThornton My sister bought the IPO "because all the kids use it" (she's a teacher, bless her heart).
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