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RT @scratchesswift: I love how Katy pointed out that she respect Taylor so much as a songwriter. Katy might not PERSONALLY like Taylor…
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俺結構Taylor Swift好きで毎日聴いてるんだけど、皆様の好きな曲て何? Taylor好きな方はもちろんそうでない方も良ければ是非お願いします。その他て人は良ければ教えて!!俺はMineです。 #TaylorSwift #洋楽好きな人RT #拡散希望お願いします
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RT @HealingMB: Sometimes a simple hug is all you need
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RT @ShakiraArchive: The most watched female artists of all time on VEVO! 1. Katy Perry 15B 2 Taylor Swift 14B 3. Shakira 13B 4. Rihan…
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RT @tomgara: The number of blue checkmark, otherwise savvy people sharing a Claude Taylor tweet tonight is a good example of the…
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RT @billboard: Karlie Kloss speaks out about rumors surrounding her friendship with Taylor Swift
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At some point,you grow out of being attracted to that flame that burns you over and over and over again.-Taylor Swift @taylorswift13 #quote
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RT @thebobpalmer: Marvel: 'Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history' Me:
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@MandyCakesHeart you should give them a listen!! honestly when i first got to know bts, they reminded me so much of taylor as well
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@barnumseed @stephen_taylor @PrisonPlanet 3 party system. Conservatives, liberals and NDP (new democratic party) wh…
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pussy cream cum christine taylor nude fakes
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RT @chassiiddy: Gemini • very unique • y’all some hoes • creative & usually good at whatever they do • rude • money hungry • mo…
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RT @AjAintShit__: Priscilla Samantha Sammie Sabrina Sara Sandra steph Serena Sierra Sydney summer Tiffany Taylor Tiara Tori Vanessa V…
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taylor mays porn sexy blonde lesbos
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RT @lenedaaa: I heard my niece saying "parang si Maine", she's watching Taylor Swift's Delicate MV 😁 #MaineRemarkableAt23 #ALDUBForALifetime
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Mi è piaciuto un video di @YouTube: Wilderness - Taylor Davis (Original Song)
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Elijah Taylor’s out? 😞
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RT @billboard: Karlie Kloss speaks out about rumors surrounding her friendship with Taylor Swift
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I talked on the phone with taylor and it was the nicest conversation ive had in a while, i hope we talk on the phon…
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*me at my wedding* “I’m sorry but I can’t marry you because I love Taylor Swift more than you”
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