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RT @TheLegateIN: Pakistan's revenue and tax department (FBR) had shut down its website for 24 hours fearing Indian hacking attempts on 14th August.
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@fatherGuidoOTC @thedelitesite The best racist, conspiracy theorist, adulterer, tax evader, pedophile, liar, 😾 grabber, etc
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RT @PuttaVishnuVR: When Telangana Govt started constructing Pragathi bhavan & new Secretariat, the Bhakts & #GodiMedia called it Extra…
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@happyjack1981 @fran_b__ Tax religious businesses. All of them.
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RT @BullMarkets1: PPF vs ELSS In the long run, even the Worst ELSS beat PPF. Have both in ur portfolio - PPF for debt allocation & E…
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RT @wolpuu_official: いまから!16時〜有岡大貴が CBCラジオ #ドラ魂キング お邪魔します!#HeySɑyJUMP #FILMUSIC
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RT @laoziismagic: just found something with $rekt dev and ryoshi send funds at same time 2020-sep-30 4:20pm, Only 43 seconds apart!…
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RT @MarioKhumalo: Border Management Authority was another waste of tax payers money! They are useless, unpatriotic and very unfit.
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@i_Stiofan @MarinaPurkiss Where have you Been this year! It was a u turn following Labour pressure in regard the windfall tax
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RT @TomTugendhat: The investment we need in foreign policy isn’t free but the cost of failure is the tax we’re paying now in extra food and fuel prices.
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The Biden administration just made it harder to buy electric car. The Inflation Reduction Act is changing electric…
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@DanLang12 Hi, we do not have access to DM I'm afraid. We can offer general advice, for account specific discussion…
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@joncstone Would be more understandable if that increase helped railway staff pay keep up with inflation, but obvio…
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RT @13_quarterback: Well who'd have guessed , Labour's long awaited plan is more tax ( no changes there then ) ... BBC News - Keir St…
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RT @JanDixo61200563: BP paid zero tax last year, but received £106Bn in tax credits.
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RT @logical_conor: Fair Rental Market With 80% of rental properties in Dublin valued at €250k or less, rental rates linked to propert…
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sana po masarap tax ko 💖
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@vicderbyshire Still talking nonsense and more tax. This guy will never lead this country. He is advocating for com…
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@hmny0426 残念ながら長く働く場所では無いんでしょうね…
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@RasidAbuBakar Byk2 pun nnti kono income tax bang. Baik buat donation.
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