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@GeorgeUdoh12 Frank was giving her clues to win 500k but she was too forward..... talking too much
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RT @ajphelo: Pathetic. For a kick off she’s not their property. Secondly, she’s not ethnically Chinese. She’s Eurasian, Chinese…
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RT @accretionist: Talking #IOTA in #RochesterNY at #DinoBBQ with @MetalianThom and @masteracheles #IOTACommunity #IOTAStrong 🍻🍖
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RT @AuntyAlari: After years of failed relationships, uncountable talking stage. My new man: Baby, mummy ask me to send her some p…
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RT @SHEsus__Christ: Stop talking about extreme cases and exceptions with abortion. Women deserve autonomy over our bodies. Period.
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Me: off stream I'm very quiet /Someone joins a VC with me off stream Them: Why aren't you talking? You are being…
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RT @erlinzhang: Song Kang-ho talking about #BROKER & his thought about winning an acting award at Cannes Film Festival "warmth com…
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RT @meghansupporter: I’m not gonna stop talking about these pictures for the rest of the week, and it’s just Monday so you better bear w…
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RT @SVT_Fancafe: [#SCOUPS🌟 Weverse] 220523 -02:15 KST- ➸ In Shadow.. All members agreed that Mingyu's part is the best... but Carat…
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@CrawfishStanley @Starcy77718960 At least I don't go around talking trash about other people's property!
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RT @renoomokri: If I will counsel the PDP, I would urge them to postpone their Presidential primaries until the APC hold theirs. Th…
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@s_bspecies @Ryan_Hindley_ @MuppetSilas @mcrthajones yeah I was talking about you 😂
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RT @dreamjeons: jungkook silently laying on stage while the hyungs are talking
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RT @mentalhealth: How we talk to someone about their mental health can be tricky but being direct and compassionate can go a long way…
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RT @shining_idle: I read one article too few days ago where they were talking about 5 popular artist in university festivals and…
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RT @captainuwu: Jungwoo 💬 "Now I'm on my way to Tokyo and we'll do the rest of Tokyo Dome concert well. In order to do that, good s…
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RT @JilldarB: This scene in Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy is tricky, interesting~2 gay men talking things like this👇🏼 Bill: I thought…
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@AngelaRayner Talking about adding up - you weren't in Durham but you were, what are you hiding
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Yes I love this show but It would be good for content of this account since I cant stop talking about it
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RT @Faith_Ojonoka: The money I need right now is in your account doing nothing. Send me urgent 100k, I am talking to you.🌚
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