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@ShayWoulahan I wonder if she is completely oblivious. She openly said on the Ted Talk she thought her two year old…
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@mhdksafa Well done you!!!!. A true champ you are a what a pity the lady behind was so cynical. She should have hav…
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😩Are you stressed out about #ClimateChange? 🦺 Find out how peaceful #civilresistance is a powerful + effective way…
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@iloveurbosa Honestly. Bc out of everyone, including Mipha, he chose to talk and be around urbosa, Zelda’s surrogate mom
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RT @i_biteksoothigh: I'll always be bitter about exos not mentioning each other enough(especially xing). Even if they're close, even if…
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RT @Incognito_qfs: Americans should not talk about hygiene chutiye.
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RT @0705xlr8: เศรษฐาเวลาถูกเชิญไปพูดในงาน talk ต่างๆ คือฉลาดมาก ต้องยอมรับว่าอาจจะด้วยความเป็นนักธุรกิจระดับผู้บริหารมานาน คำพูดอ…
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@rocknroadking @MaximoBanksy @CalltoActivism This is the type of answer, who think he/she must talk the people what they have to do 😂
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RT @MarvelKing9001: @NetflixANZ @sarah_snook This is the only time I’m gonna talk about this on Twitter. What’s really the point of Sta…
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[13/28] This leaves us with the following questions: Why did Oda put them in situations where they couldn’t talk to…
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@Esqueer_ Is this it? The best you've got? Talk about rent free
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RT @Akayla_2x: We don't need to talk every day to be friends. If you need me, i got you.
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RT @RealTshemedi: Orlando Pirates lost Caf Confed Cup last season... they hired a new coach and won 2 trophies 🏆 this season. They di…
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@ElvisEtta @Coredao_Org What determine the market cap on crypto space if u don't know it I can't talk to u
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@josettecaruso @bob_robertnash so you think I should reverse it? Talk about the venture first and then who I am?
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@riteshjyotii Ashoka use 2 persecute JaIn monks hope u don't talk about imposing that part 2
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RT @day_off_daying: 대구 수상한 피자집 <궁금한 이야기 Y>에 나왔는데 더 수상함
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RT @mishikhan_pti: When you’re 100 percent sure that Allah is with you,because you’re upon the Haq,You’re following the right path,You…
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RT @cupid_diary: 230528 🐥🫧 [02:14 - 02:31 PM KST] "hello y/n, its really been a while🦋🖤 you waited for so long right?? ive been thi…
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Nearly 50,000 crores robbed out of Hindu🕉️ temples every year by State Governments across India, & this worm 🪱🐍…
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