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RT @Lucaspeebo: Be gentle with yourself. You're trying. If it’s taking you longer than you thought to achieve something or get somewhere, that's okay.
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Please be aware orders with handmade items are currently taking the full 6 weeks. Please contact me for if you need…
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RT @fanatic_got7_: remember when Prince Jinyoung made his fansites stop taking pics just by his hand. STILL ICONIC! #PrinceJinyoungDay
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RT @PeninsulaLandLd: Make this Navratri extra special by taking your partner to #DDNites2017; the hottest Dandiya party in town! #NavratriWithSalsette27 #Contest
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RT @_playboicarti: taking care of business and minding my own.
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RT @WeDietitians: @howiepask This is not a market failure. This is saying no to manufactured demand. This is consumers taking control…
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Why You Should Stop Drinking Lemon Water Early In The Morning >>
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RT @simplisticpro: businessinsider: Apple's iOS 11 is taking major steps to protect your privacy — here's how
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Another AU: Beyond The Sound aka BTS taking over the world with sick af music that controls people's minds 👀 #ARMY
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RT @jess_petty: hello!!!! stop!! taking!! advantage!! of!! genuinely!! nice people!! with!! good!! hearts!!!! i don't get u people!!!
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Margrethe Vestager on holding Silicon Valley to account and taking on the truck cartel
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Why the one He's writing for me is taking longer than I want idk. He put that joint on pause for a good min. But He's back to writing now😊
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RT @mintsugasuga: seokjin's doing his masters, taking care of his pets, participating in one of the biggest comebacks of the year... he's rlly doing it all
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12 Jobs Robots Are Taking Over The Fastest
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RT @waterwillflow: Why do people use "🍆" to talk about dick? Who you know taking this?! 😭
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RT @TommyHilfiger: High-fi energy taking over the Roundhouse. Anny Fan, OuYang Nana, OuYang Nini and #CHANYEOL at #TOMMYNOW #LFW…
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@iFactoryDigital Taking a look at this number could be expected to break 10% before this day is over.
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RT @Sustain_X: #Dementia is set to become a $2 trillion global crisis. Use your brain by taking action now, or lose it.…
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RT @BizEnglish_Ace: Taking the #IELTS or #TOEFL? Amp up your #English skills with me! #inlgés #anglais #inglês…
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@stringsonline you guys are raising the bar again and again each year, what a breath-taking #CokeStudioSeason10 & still go grounded. Respect
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