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RT @momdemsuga: Kourtney Kardashian takes on the personality and aesthetic of whoever she’s dating. It’s kinda weird.
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RT @cadeauboxes: Hampers make amazing gifts for your loved ones too😻🤩 🎀Price: 250 cedis Taking orders for tomorrow, dm or WhatsApp…
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@JohnD61647744 @ThePoniExpress Alualu is 35 coming off a major injury and Leal will be a rookie in a system that ta…
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RT @imfausty: Do you think you have what it takes to survive in one of the big 3 anime?
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Want a 4K UHD edition of @shangchi? In the mood to play a game? Think you have what it takes? Check the link for th…
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RT @24NewsHD: Donald Blome takes charge as US ambassador to Pakistan
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RT @DineshDSouza: For the poor dumb “fact checkers” who say cell phone geotracking is only accurate to within 30 feet, go ahead and t…
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My wife likes to say "I find it kinda funny..." and it takes all of my will power to not sing "I find it kinda sad"
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@Financialjuice1 @Ianbins How long does it takes to arrive?
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@Razer when were you gonna tell me that your software just takes over sometimes and limits my connectivity when streaming?
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@lustoloves I have the camera sent to inverted cause it takes too much time to do all that
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@BBCNWT @ManCity Celebrating a 4th Premiership in 5 years takes it’s toll , Man City’s fans will be a little late r…
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RT @JimmyStreich: Joe Biden takes hard stand against Russia and China the radical right screams "He's starting WWIII" while at the sa…
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He's lucky he's not under arrest for instigating civil unrest. Also, may I point out it's not his place to judge on…
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RT @MalloryMcMorrow: This is a five-alarm fire. 48% of Michigan legislative Republicans took steps to discredit or overturn the 2020 ele…
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Yo! Looking for some mutuals to build my Stan empire! I like The 1975, 1D and Chief Keef. I LOVE 5sos, Niall Horan,…
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@ZeitGaming1 @SeamusCoolGuy @ddofinternet That’s not a hard skill at all. Hell I’d argue that “testing” for what “w…
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RT @Cernovich: The cognitive dissonance it takes to still worship Trump is levels beyond anything seen in the history of mass delu…
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Do you think you have what it takes to survive in one of the big 3 anime?
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& let's face it, if the financial sector takes no action then govt intervention becomes even more likely. So the…
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