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I just spent the last 10min trying to get a piece of popcorn shell out of my gums with dental floss and my bathroom…
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RT @4realnaestyles_: LMAOOOOOOO the way she switched it up to Lingala has me screaming, why you like this please @nellarose 😂😂😂
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RT @MCFC_Nico: "If Kane and Haaland switched teams." Let's look at their international stats when the roles are switched. Appear…
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@WillWJGreaves And this is how close it really was: 1300 switched votes across a few ridings and it's an NDP majori…
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@Roger_Kingsley_ @ElongatedWinner @ShawnQuinn83 @WallStreetSilv My diet lately is mostly beef, turkey, salmon, tuna…
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@kemimarie @pytexan We lived near a park and we reserved a pavilion at the park for 4th of July for many years. Onc…
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@UigFae Switched off replies?
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@abhishek7h Apple music, switched recently to try lossless but it's useless without good earphones
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RT @Magnolia_613: Went to a new dentist today. We switched to her because she is strict about COVID protocols and they all wear N95s…
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@SubbaRaoTN @RameshS0007 I have switched him off say about 5-6 years ago
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Butser Hill. Accidentally switched Ricoh GR2 to small jpg rather than RAW, so don’t look to closely
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RT @King_Odrach: Less than 48 hours of this administration, I have switched up my prayer life for real. Counting only on God mehn!
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yall switched up on bttc so fast
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Hey, US people with student debt: double check your repayment plan status if your loan servicer switched. Mine just…
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RT @Brindletonbadde: I switched to maxis match a year ago & now want to experiment with maxis mix.. does anyone have any good recommenda…
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@__Steveo Ha ha ha . You’re welcome. Enjoying the sunshine ☀️? I’ve just switched off my laptop and gonna hit the garden 🪴☀️🙌
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While we initially decided on donating to WarChild UK, we've switched gears and opted to send all our efforts towar…
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@DDfarmerette @DustyRoseYYC @29dubiousnow I’ve had a mad on for LW for a couple years. CTV uses her often and she i…
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RT @VictorIsrael_: Some who claimed to be Obidients have stopped talking about the Movement after the elections. All they were interes…
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RT @haworthes: Y’all have lost y’all mind now, nobody tipping his crown ever. Man switched up his entire life to be with Tiana.…
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