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RT @muskatnusss: Ich könnte Dir schnulzige Tweets schreiben, aber eigentlich will ich nur Deinen Schwanz lutschen.
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It is a surreal experience to have the man our children are supposed to look up to tell needless and obvious lies;…
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RT @breau_mike: New artwork for sale! - "Snirk-Abstract and Surreal Portrait" - @fineartamerica
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RT @NarinOz_: @entfocustheatre #EdFringe18 #edfringe #theatre #comedy #interview #surreal #budgerigars
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tem alguma coisa estranha, meus amigos tão muito carinhosos de uma forma surreal comigo hoje
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RT @ramit: I studied propaganda, cults, & deception at Stanford. I read countless studies about groups conforming to simplisti…
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RT @btsxyonce: OH MY GOSH. I saw this on my timeline and actually thought it was an anime character or something. HE LOOKS SO SU…
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RT @endlessbemi: felizmente, hoje faz 10 anos que sou fã da maravilhosa demi lovato e seu talento surreal! #10YearsOfCampRock
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این بازی مثل موقعیه که مثل سگ درس خوندی ولی میری میوفتی،پیش خودت راضی هستی ولی ترم بعد باید بگیریش
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RT @DistroKid: RIP @xxxtentacion. Surreal, shocking and sad. Stay safe, everyone. Remember that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.
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RT @chrislhayes: Key part of EO text: instructing the Department of Defense to make space available so they can set up family detent…
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RT @sewerlove: "attaining heaven" looking through their profile feels so surreal now... still can't believe it #RIPLILAKKOVERT
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RT @AbdulElSayed: This executive order - which @realDonaldTrump just issued so as to claim credit for repealing HIS OWN disgusting po…
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RT @cameron_kasky: All I wanted was to ask Steve King’s office some questions about him saying that $11,000 isn’t a bribe and ask why…
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RT @ykhsaegyo: 7. Let’s talk about kihyun’s hyeya performance in no mercy. The different emotions (hurt/sadness) that he poured in…
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RT @peg_mclaugh: Sending love to everyone who mobilized to end this terrifying policy. But the work is not over. These families are…
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RT @HarshdeepKaur: Totally trippin’ on this song! @arrahman sir’s music is surreal! @Irshad_Kamil Ji kya baat! Congrats to my buddies…
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RT @artbyLR: Found Lamb ORIGINAL #PAINTING Acrylic 10"x8" Lambs Cute Fluffy Baby #Sheep Big Eye Eyes Sur…
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@smay4finger Habe damit täglich auf der Arbeit zu tun. Nur NOCH speziellere Strahlentherapie als in Hannover. Bin f…
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