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RT @AmitShah: Reached Chennai (Tamil Nadu). Grateful to the people of this vibrant state for their affection and support. Will at…
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RT @kcdems: Congratulations to all our endorsed candidates. We're excited to support Valerie Sasson for Kenmore City Coumncil,…
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RT @ATINGlobalSoc: Inspite of debuting recently, they are paying royalty fees to SB19 under licenses of @sonymusicph because the song…
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RT @Resist_05: Sweden is cracking down on mass-migration. Sweden will follow through on expulsion orders, and those who don’t belo…
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RT @SebGorka: MAGA Returns to expose the FBI. Support President Trump. Get you Official Gorka Gear here today! at…
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RT @DefenceU: "Oh, I'm gonna try with a little help from my friends" The Beatles Thank you @DefenceHQ for all your tremendous su…
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RT @taeyeweon: mark and haechan went to taeyong’s shalala pre-recording at inkigayo to support him 🥺 !!!!!
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RT @ForgiatoBlow47: We Been Flag Waving All Day For Donald Trump I’m Back In Rally Mode 🇺🇸 Do Me A Favor Help Us Get To #1 We Made A…
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@Delavegalaw @gtconway3d Looks like Cannon might support the Miami rally on Tuesday
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how you have 0 shame when it comes to showing your support for seth<3
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Republicans remember when trump calls 4 your action just remember Michael Cohen & all the 1/6 loyalists now in pris…
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@GVMC_VISAKHA I support vizag
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@mxrningstar63 I love your art ! your style is so charming- I hope you get every cent of support you need and more
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it's v reminiscent of the bigots screaming "go back to your country" at my people under political posts that don't…
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@PizzaFvngs @YoutubeBard Ok you clearly don't know what was happening so I'll explain it. A school was doing a vote…
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RT @thetonymichaels: For those who don’t know, @garthbrooks has shown his support to the gay community for over 30 years.
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@CBCNews All the idiots with the Ukrainian flags. Gather together and fly over there. Support the effort if you really believe in the cause.
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RT @WombRaider64: Tim Heidecker MOGGED by Tim pool for his support of grooming children.
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Protesting at the white house I'm happy they are doing it just because a person is gay trans or drag dose not make…
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RT @awakenedweegie: I'm looking to find people to follow who support Scottish Independence! I'm sick of this involuntary union and we n…
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