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RT @morrison_patsy: @nazirafzal Yes millions of us will support a crowd-funder for this, including me.
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@Elliotcute Not all women don't bring something to the table some give you sex and support you as well my gf is a leaving testimony
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RT @SHIKU_7777777: Dear RCB fan girls my DM is close for you lawdi hai kya kyo support karti hai
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RT @lilbear1228: Seeing all these fan cams from the #PULLUPwithMarkTuan and I’m so happy! Wish I could be there to support but I’m s…
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Yeh dukh hi hunra imtehan leta hai but kabhi yeh dukh khtm hoga aur jab khtm hoga toh jo hass rahe unka mih bnd hog…
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RT @SecondSightFilm: *THE HITCHER* original camera negative scan completed and files heading to our restoration team!! We're thrilled an…
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RT @Fameye: Drip Lord @pappykojo came through to support tonight Frankfurt
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RT @AsadAToor: #BREAKING: PM @CMShehbaz announces 28 billion rupees relief package for 14 million families in Pakistan, 2000 rupee…
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RT @scrowder: Only Beto males support Beta O'Rourke.
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RT @alexnunns: 74% of people, including 64% of Tory voters, wanted to see the wealthy pay more tax even before the present cost of…
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RT @thatoandgash1: @Lebohan76965767 @fluffyfay22 The support has to be loud and clear. #Gash1TouchDownSosha GASH1 STORMS SOSHA
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RT @iamganay: Help me to support my talented brother @BahiziJose
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RT @abcbelarus: Dear comrades and supporters. We are out of money and getting in minus as we speak to continue support of comrades…
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RT @RamSamujhD7: I support @NupurSharmaBJP Ji....💪 #IsupportNupurSharma
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RT @ArmaPlatform: Arma Reforger Dev Report is here! This is a new ongoing series to inform the community of our team’s recent operati…
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RT @rich_white_lady: Joe Garcia dying of a broken heart after his wife was killed protecting her students, and subsequently orphaning th…
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RT @ogoma_samuel: Who fat your support in the #UCLfinal? Like for Liverpool Retweet for Manchester City #UCLfinal
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RT @LizzyRants: I’m too drained to respond to everyone but thank you all for your condolences. It’s going to be another sleepless n…
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RT @OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: House Oversight Committee launches an investigation into the two gun manufacturers that make the AR-15 as…
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RT @GamerUnderworld: We started making Lumine edits exactly a year ago, Fischl birthday art was the first one we edited and uploaded on…
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